Animal Crossing Mario update release time, early patch notes for new Switch download

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Animal Crossing Mario update will soon be available to download on the Nintendo Switch. Announced during the recent Nintendo Direct, the Animal Crossing Mario update will add Mario 35th Anniversary items to Nook Shopping. Animal Crossing New Horizons players will be able to purchase warp pipes so they can travel between locations, Mario costumes and other Mushroom Kingdom-themed items to place on your island such as a 1-Up Mushroom.

The Animal Crossing Mario update has a release date of Thursday February 25.

Nintendo hasn’t announced a release time for the Animal Crossing Mario update for those in the West.

But, as reported by Animal Crossing World, thanks to the Japanese AC Twitter we know when the New Horizons update could launch.

Here are more details…

• Animal Crossing Mario update release time – US – Wednesday February 24 at 5pm pacific and 8pm eastern

 Animal Crossing Mario update release time – UK – Thursday February 25 at 1am GMT

 Animal Crossing Mario update release time – Europe – Thursday February 25 at 2am CET

 Animal Crossing Mario update release time – Japan – Thursday February 25 at 10am JST

Animal Crossing: New Horizons update detailed by Nintendo

However, while the Animal Crossing Mario update is launching soon the Mario-themed items won’t be available in-game until Monday March 1.

This was announced during the initial Direct reveal, with the official Animal Crossing Twitter account also reminding AC fans about this.

The Isabelle Twitter posted: “[Announcement] #SuperMario Bros. themed furniture and fashion items are coming to #AnimalCrossing: New Horizons! After downloading the free update on 2/25, a variety of #SuperMario Bros. items will be available in Nook Shopping starting 3/1. #NintendoDirect #SuperMario35”.

While in the run-up to the patch’s release the Nintendo of America Twitter posted: “Place two Warp Pipes on your island to warp between them, even with one in your home! If you place more than two, the warp location will be chosen randomly. The #AnimalCrossing: New Horizons update arrives 2/25, with #SuperMario items for purchase at Nook Shopping on 3/1.”

Ahead of the AC Mario update release, here is what Nintendo has said about the patch: “Super Mario Brothers 35th Anniversary themed items are coming to the Animal Crossing New Horizons game.

“Familiar items like the Super Mushroom and the Question block can be ordered in-game as furniture items.

“So place them however and wherever you’d like.

“You can also place two warp pipes.

“Then use them to travel between two locations on your island.

“Why not try re-creating the Mushroom Kingdom?”

And if you’re looking for some early patch notes here are details on the Mario-themed items heading to New Horizons…

1-Up Mushroom, Block, Coin, Fire Flower, Floating block, Goal Pole, Large Mushroom Platform, Pipe, Shell, Small Mushroom Platform, Super Mushroom, Super Star, Thwomp, ? Block, Luigi hat, Mario hat, Princess Peach crown, Wario hat, Luigi ‘stache, Mario ‘stache, Wario ‘stache, Luigi outfit, Mario outfit, Princess Peach dress, Wario outfit, Luigi shoes, Mario shoes, Princess Peach shoes, Wario shoes, Mushroom mural, Block flooring, Lakitu’s Cloud rug and Yoshi’s Egg rug.

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