Animal Crossing: New Horizons – All Deep-Sea Creatures Leaving At The End Of March

Some deep-sea creatures are leaving Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ islands once this month ends so which ones should you keep an eye out for?

Constant updates have been made to Animal Crossing: New Horizons to keep it fresh ever since it was first released. There is even a Mario crossover this month that allows players to enjoy Super Mario items on their New Horizons islands.

Deep-sea creatures were added to the game later than bugs and fish. Some of these creatures can be quite tricky to catch. And, since they haven’t been around as long, there are more fans still trying to collect them all.

If you really want to catch these creatures and notice that you’re running out of time, you can always resort to time-traveling. This way you don’t have to worry about the month coming to an end before you manage to get a hold of the creature your museum is still lacking.

However, if you’ve decided not to time-travel, it’s best to take note of which creatures you should be looking out for before they’re gone. March 2021 will be the last chance to catch them for quite a while, as they will only return in a few months.

Depending on which hemisphere you’ve chosen for your island, there will be different creatures leaving once the month ends. And, if there are bugs and fish you’re still missing from the month of March, be sure to check out this guide on what else will be leaving this month.

Deep-Sea Creatures Leaving In March: Northern Hemisphere

Northern hemisphere players will be happy to hear that there’s only one deep-sea creature leaving this month. Although, it is actually quite difficult to catch due to it being so fast, which is a shame since it’s so valuable as well.

Here is the creature’s information to help you catch it if you haven’t caught it already. From, size, to speed, to the time of day that it’s active and how much it can be sold for.

Red King Crab: Large | Very fast | All day | 8,000 bells

Deep-Sea Creatures Leaving In March: Southern Hemisphere

The Southern hemisphere isn’t quite as lucky. There are a total of eight creatures leaving after March. Therefore, be sure to try to catch those you haven’t caught yet since it might be a while before you see them again on your island.

To make sure you know which ones you should be looking out for, here is their size, speed, when they can be caught, and how much they’re worth.

Flatworm: Tiny | Slow short movement | 4pm-9am | 700 bells

Gigas Giant Clam: Huge | Very fast | All day | 15,000 bells

Horseshoe Crab: Medium | Medium | 9pm-4am | 2,500 bells

Moon Jellyfish: Small | Very slow | All day | 600 bells

Sea Grapes: Small | Stationary | All day | 900 bells

Sea Urchin: Small | Slow | All day | 1,700 bells

Slate Pencil Urchin: Medium | Medium | 4pm-9am | 2,000 bells

Tiger Prawn: Small | Medium | 4pm-9am | 3,000

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