Animal Crossing: New Horizons – All Maple Leaf DIY Recipes

As the Fall draws to a close in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a very special little window of time is upon us: Maple Leaf season!

Maple Leaf Season is a very fleeting time in the New Horizons calendar, running between November 16 and 25 in the Northern Hemisphere, and between April 16 and 25 for Southern Hemisphere players.

During this time, you’re able to catch falling Maple leaves using your net (much like how you can catch Cherry Blossoms when they fall from their branches in Spring).

If you’ve been playing New Horizons since November 16, you should have already received the recipe for the Red-Leaf Pile from Isabelle (it’s also listed below, just FYI). But there are eight other recipes all centered around these beautifully vibrant Autumn leaves just waiting for you to try them out.

You can find these recipes by using your slingshot to shoot down balloon presents which intermittently float around your island. Alternatively, they could be hiding in washed-up recipe bottles around your shoreline, or you could even receive some from your villager neighbors.

Here are all the Maple Leaf-themed DIY recipes and the ingredients you need to complete them:

  • Red-Leaf Pile: Maple Leaf (x3) and Weeds (x4)
  • Maple-Leaf Pochette: Maple Leaf (x6)
  • Maple-Leaf Umbrella: Maple Leaf (x7)
  • Leaf Stool: Maple Leaf (x3) and Wood (x3)
  • Maple-Leaf Pond Stone: Maple Leaf (x3) and Stone (x10)
  • Tree’s Bounty Big Tree: Maple Leaf (x4), Pine Cone (x5), Acorn (x4), Tree Branch (x8), and Clay (x4)
  • Tree’s Bounty Arch: Maple Leaf (x5), Tree Branch (x15), Acorn (x5), and Pine Cone (x4)
  • Autumn Wall: Maple Leaf (x10), Wood (x5), and Weeds (x5)
  • Colored-Leaves Flooring: Maple Leaf (x10) and Weeds (x15)

You can obtain Pine Cones, Acorns, or Tree Branches by shaking trees, and Wood by chopping them down with your axe. Clay can be obtained by smacking rocks with your shovel or axe, and Weeds are pretty easy to come by all over your island.

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