Animal Crossing: New Horizons Creators Think Tom Nook Is Misunderstood

Tom Nook might be the bane of many Animal Crossing players’ existence and viewed as the loan shark of the series, but according New Horizons‘ producer, the little raccoon is actually misunderstood.

Though many fans paint Tom Nook as the evil money lord of the franchise, Animal Crossing: New Horizons producer Hisashi Nogami spoke to The Verge to set the record straight and prove the exact opposite, claiming that Nook isn’t so bad after all.

According to Nogami, “Tom Nook is a very caring, really great guy” and isn’t as greedy as we all might think. Instead, his purpose is to motivate players and encourage them to play through the game. In fact, Nook might just be the backbone of the franchise since he drives players to keep collecting, building, and buying. And, though Nook can come off cold, he’s responsible with money and is fair to players.

“Even if we borrow money from him and it takes time to pay him back, he never gets angry, he never gets mad,” explained Nogami. “So if we could all try to be a little more responsible and pay him back, it might make him a little happier.”

So, next time you start up Animal Crossing and see Tom Nook, don’t forget how gracious and caring he really is. Being a tax collector isn’t easy, and we could all be a bit nicer to the poor raccoon. Perhaps we’re all not so different after all.

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