Animal Crossing: New Horizons Has Received New Time Travel Restrictions

Time travel is a fictional phenomenon in the real world, but in Animal Crossing, it’s a gameplay style. While this controversial way of playing is preferred by a lot of villagers, it’s a mechanic that Nintendo has recently capped.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ winter update has introduced a lot of perks, and promised a Dodo airplane full of new content to come. These bonuses have included upcoming holiday events and the ability to sit anywhere on your island. However, Nintendo has also addressed the unspoken tactic of time-traveling, where people change the clock on their consoles to impact their Animal Crossing save file. Skipping merrily ahead in time allows you to earn bells rapidly and gain access to event items before launch day.

Times have changed, however, as Nintendo has introduced some restrictions to tweak the functionality of time machines. Instead of being able to run Naruto-style into the future – scooping up event bonuses early – some events, including the upcoming Turkey Day and Toy Day, will be locked. These events – with more to come – will instead be available to travel back in time to. You may not have the time (nor the energy) to visit your island on Christmas Day, for example, which is one reason why time travelers took advantage of the mechanic. However, if you can’t participate in an event, then you will now be able to turn back time to avoid missing out.

While this is a considered and generous treat from Nintendo, it has inevitably left some people a little salty. Nintendo could have disabled the entire time travel ability, but instead, the team recognized its necessity (in some capacity) and continued to work with it. Impatient villagers are a little frosty, but most are delighted with Nintendo’s initiative. Locked events may also help to reduce the amount of event content that gets revealed before launch.

Rulebreakers still manage to find a way around the restrictions, however, as Toy Day’s Puppy Plushies are already appearing on islands. One bonus that you don’t need to time travel to, or nudge your tech-savvy buddy for, is the chance to visit Nintendo’s own island. The creator shared its Dream Address for villagers to visit using Luna’s Dream function, and it didn’t disappoint.

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