Animal Crossing: New Horizons spring begins with… Super Mario wallpaper

The snows of winter have finally melted in Animal Crossing and to celebrate the first of the Super Mario items is now available for free.

Spring is finally here, not just in the real world but in the islands of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Log on today and you’ll find a new update which, amongst other things, removes the snowy covering everything’s been languishing under since the end of last year.

Apart from everywhere looking a lot warmer (including the little island icon on the loading screen) nothing else has changed but you will find you got a special letter from Nintendo today, with an attached free gift.

The Super Mario themed wallpaper can be used anywhere indoors and is the vanguard of a whole range of Mario themed items coming to the game next month.

New Horizons has been unusual so far in that there are no in-game references to any other Nintendo franchises. There are a couple of Switch consoles and a Ring-Con from Ring Fit Adventure but they’re presented as if they’re real items, no different to having a pretend TV or coffee machine.

That will all change on Monday, March 1 though when you’ll be able to buy a huge range of new items from Nook Shopping, including mushrooms, coin, stars, ? blocks, and character costumes.

Anyone that’s been playing the game for more than a few months will probably be able to afford them all in one go, which might ruin the excitement of it all, but they do all look like good fun.

There’s also a genuinely useful item in the form of a warp pipe that you can set up so that entering it instantly transports you to a different area of the island.

Or at least that’s how it seems like it’ll work, we’ll have to see for sure when they become available for everybody on Monday.

Although if you can’t wait for that there is a new seasonal item available today, from Nook Shopping, to tie into the Japanese holiday of Hinamatsuri.

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