Another Studio Was Meant To Work On An Avatar Game, But Was Allegedly Dropped Due To Cocaine Use

Most shocking is how, according to Polfeldt, one developer that Ubisoft and James Cameron’s team agreed on was dropped from the project last minute…for offering them cocaine when they went in to sign the contract.

“They jumped out of the cab, greeted the receptionist, and entered the large, merchandise-filled conference room”, explains Polfeldt. “But instead of meeting a jubilant team ready to make the finest Avatar game anyone could conceive, they found themselves facing broken and desperate people looking over their shoulders, as if in paranoia.”

The poor first impressions only got worse, as Polfeldt puts simply: “The meeting quickly took a turn for the worse when the studio head offered the visitors some of his cocaine.”

Polfeldt does not name the studio in question for obvious reasons, only revealing that it is based in Europe. He also explains that James Cameron’s team had incredibly high standards for who they worked with, and immediately scrapped any plans to work with the European developer after being offering the cocaine.

This little bit of behind the information was kindly spotted by Resetera member Is_that_my_horse, who also explained that, according to the book, the search for the developer took up to four years.

The search is finally over however, as evidenced by the reveal of Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora. Exact details on the game are scarce, but it will release at some point in 2022 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna. And if you’re for some reason looking for even more Avatar content, the second film is also set to release in 2022, after facing numerous delays in its troubled production.

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