Apex Legends Solo Mode Update: Release Date, Start Time, New Skins and Iron Crown news

Apex Legends launched for free earlier this year and racked up 50 million players in one month – and that was before the addition of new content, including two new heroes.

Octane was added as part of the game’s first season, while newcomer Wattson is an electrifying new hero that’s new for Season 2.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, however – with an influx of cheaters looking to ruin other people’s fun. Thankfully, Respawn now pits those cheaters against one another, removing them from lobbies including non-cheaters and giving them a taste of their own medicine.

Publisher EA outperformed expectations in a recent earnings call largely down to the success of Apex Legends. The publisher sees Apex Legends as a big new pillar of their business, with aims to bring the game to China, mobile platforms, and start an eSports league.

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