Apex Legends Unveils Brand New "Fight Night" Short Film

Respawn Entertainment has become known for taking a page out of Overwatch’s playbook to create tantalizing short videos that expand upon Apex Legends’ lore, but the latest Stories from the Outlands is a lot longer than previous offerings.

“Fight Night” is nearly 8 minutes of getting to know Pathfinder, the loveable robot that joins the Apex Games with the hopes of one day finding his creator to discover his purpose. But before he was a gladiator fighting in bloodsport, Pathfinder wore quite a few different job titles.

One of those many jobs water at a local diner–a job he was particularly bad at. After spilling orders all over a customer who eventually winds up shooting himself in the head, Pathfinder gets taken in by Victor Maldera, a retired detective who just can’t let go of that last big mystery.

From there it’s a lot of high-speed aerial chases and fighting off the mob. We won’t spoil the ending for you, but we will say that Fight Night reveals why Pathfinder’s heirloom is a pair of boxing gloves and how he becomes an expert with a grappling hook.

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