Apex Legends Update: Servers Down, Account Reset Bug hits PS4, Xbox and PC

Apex Legends received a new patch today, Patch 1.1, but there may be a nasty surprise for fans of Respawn Entertainment’s Battle Royale.

The game has gone from strength to strength in recent months, but this latest patch has been causing a significant issue for some.

Players have been reporting that their progress has been wiped from the game’s servers, restarting their progress. 

This means players have been reset to level zero, with many having to play through the game’s training mode again. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that statistics are the only things to have been reset. 

Fans will also be dismayed to know that content purchased through microtransactions is also affected.

One user has even noted that they have “spent probably about $100 on the game since release”, going on to say that “if they [Respawn Entertainment] can’t restore accounts, I doubt I’ll be back”.

Respawn Entertainment has responded, stating that they are investigating the bug which seems to be hitting all three platforms.

“We are aware and looking into the issue with accounts losing their progress after the update today. Will provide update ASAP” read the company’s official response.

Patch 1.1 was due to fix some bugs and make some quality of life improvements to the hit shooter.

Aside from this bug, things have been looking very positive for Respawn Entertainment’s first foray into the Free to Play market.

Apex Legends released to immense acclaim in February of this year and has gone on to reach a player count of over 50 million – outpacing even genre-defining juggernaut Fortnite.

It recently began its first season, offering a Battle Pass similar to that offered in Epic’s shooter. It also added its ninth character, Octane.

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