Ark Survival Evolved: How To Control A Tek Suit

One of the new items that was added in the Genesis Part 2 DLC for Ark: Survival Evolved is a Federation Tek Suit. It offers a variety of protection, but it also comes with special abilities that players have become instantly obsessed with. Unfortunately, it can be a bit difficult to control if you don’t know what buttons to hit.

The controls we have listed are the default, but the DLC is still being updated so they may change. Once you begin to memorize how to effectively use your Tek Suit, you will never want to take it off ever again.

What Does A Federation Tek Suit Do?

The Tek Suit will take your game to the next level as it will give you superhuman abilities that will help you stay alive in Genesis Part 2. There are five pieces to the set and each of them has its own perk.

The helmet allows you to toggle vision, so you can see at night and identify creatures and survivors. It will even highlight creatures in red who are in aggro mode so you can avoid them if necessary. This is also useful for swimming as it will give you infinite oxygen underwater and can help you target other survivors.

The chest piece will protect you from damage, and also gives you a jetpack that will send you flying up into the air. It will increase your travel speed, as well as help you obtain a lay of the land so you can find a spot to build the ultimate base.

The gauntlet can do a bit of damage as it performs something called a super punch. You can charge it and then launch yourself to unsuspecting creatures, but it only works if you don’t have a weapon in your hand. It might not help you tame a Noglin, although it can assist you in clearing an area of other dinosaurs.

The leggings will help you move more quickly over land, as they will give you super speed. However, if you do happen to send yourself over a cliff you don’t have to worry as the boots will prevent you from taking fall damage.

Tek Suit Controls

Here are the known controls for the Tek Suit for the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. The controls cover flying, sprinting, and combat which are all skills that have endless uses in Ark: Survival Evolved. You can use it to help build an irrigation system or simply travel safely across the map.


  • Double-Tap A: Jet Jump
  • Hold A: Jet Pack
  • Indent Right Stick: Stay in Place or Go Higher
  • Double Tap Y: Activate or Switch the Helmet and Modes
  • Hold RB: Speed Run
  • Indent Left Stick: Toggle Hover
  • A and RB: Super Fly
  • A and Indent Left Stick: Super Fly
  • Hold LT then Release: Super Punch
  • Hold X: Toggle Helmet


  • Double-Tap Triangle: Activate or Switch the Helmet and Modes
  • Hold X: Fly Up
  • Release X: Descend
  • Indent L3: Toggle Hover
  • Press R1 and Indent L3: Super Fly
  • Hold R1: Speed Run
  • Tap L2: Punch


  • CTRL: Armor Sprint
  • Hold Shift: Speed Run
  • Spacebar: Jet Jump
  • Double-Tap Spacebar: Boost
  • Double-Tap Spacebar and Hold: Fly Up
  • Hold Shift: Toggle Hover and Speed Swim
  • Left Ctrl and Hold Spacebar: Super Fly
  • Hold R: Toggle Helmet
  • Hold Right Mouse Button then Release: Super Punch

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