ARK Survival Evolved: The Most Useful Single-Player Cheat Codes

While originally designed to be a multiplayer game, Ark: Survival Evolved by Studio Wildcard has gained a heavy following in the singleplayer and modding community. This game — which combines elements of Minecraft with games like Rust — allows you to explore one of a selection of vast maps and train dinosaurs (and other creatures) to fulfill your every whim. There are times, however, when you’d rather take the risk out of getting to know the fascinating environments or getting the cutest pet, and this is where its wide range of cheats comes in handy.

To open the admin command console on PC, press tab; on Xbox, press LB, RB, X and Y simultaneously; and on PS4, press L1, R1, square and triangle while in the pause menu. Once you do, a slim box will pop up — this is where your cheats go. To get going, start with EnableCheats, and after that, you’re good to go.

9 InfiniteStats

This is a very versatile and useful cheat, but one that you still need to be careful using. InfiniteStats (and GiveInfiniteStatsToTarget), when applied, gives you unlimited health, oxygen, stamina, food, and water. This is useful if you find yourself somewhere cold without a fur coat or an otter, for example, or if you’re too far from safe water to get a drink.

The danger in using this is that you can still die. It works by immediately refilling your stat bars, so if you or your creature takes a significant amount of damage — like a very long fall, or a yutaraptor to the face — you’re out of luck. The cheat God allows you to take fall damage, but conversely, you can still die by drowning if you run out of oxygen.

8 Fly & Walk

As with most games, there are going to be times when Ark: Survival Evolved goes a little bit wrong. There are places where you can clip into the environment, or where you slip in between two rocks and can’t get a purchase to jump or climb your way out. This is where the Fly cheat comes in handy; simply input it, and soar your way to glorious freedom (it’s also very useful if you’re unexpectedly surrounded by piranhas).

To turn Fly off again, you can input the command Walk. But if you haven’t done anything to alter your stats, make sure that you’re not too far from the ground when you do it or you might meet a messy end.

7 EnemyInvisible

There are times in Ark that your life (and that of your favorite creature) will flash before your eyes, and no matter how fast or how long you run, the end seems to be in sight. Sometimes, you’ll notice a pair of Alphas on the horizon and realize you have no way home but through them. If you’re not in the mood to lose everything, look to EnemyInvisible.

EnemyInvisible doesn’t make the things with big scary teeth invisible, thankfully — it makes you invisible to them, even if provoked. You can skip past a t-rex singing sea shanties and making unflattering comments about the size of its arms all you like without fear of being unceremoniously eaten. This cheat is also useful for those who want to scout out a good base location in peace and quiet.

6 Summon

Sometimes you head out with the express intention to tame one specific kind of creature… and it’s vanished off the face of the world. When that happens, you can use Summon plus the creature ID (eg. Summon DungBeetle_Character_BP_Aberrant_C) to have one pop into existence in front of you. No pesky trawling the map for the perfect dung beetle to tend your garden!

Have your bolas or your tranq arrows (or both) handy, because if the creature you’ve summoned would otherwise want to eat you then that isn’t going to change. If you’d like to take the threat — and the time — out of the endeavor, you can use SummonTamed and not risk losing your head… literally!

5 DoTame & ForceTame

If you have an overwhelming urge to tame your own effective dodo army and you don’t want to have to chase down, pummel and feed them all, then DoTame and ForceTame are your best friend. These two cheats both work a little differently, and which you choose depends a lot on what you want to use the creature for.

DoTame will tame whatever creature that you’re looking at, immediately, if it can be tamed normally. ForceTame will do the same thing, whether it is tameable or not, and will also allow you to ride it immediately as if it’s got a saddle on. If you’re finding they aren’t working for you, make sure that you really aim your crosshairs for the middle of the creature.

4 SetTargetDinoColor

SetTargetDinoColor is a cheat that requires a little bit of research to use and has no real strategic use, but if you’re somebody who likes to have color-coordinated tames and the prettiest argent (no judgment), it’s certainly worthy of note.

Each creature in the game has up to six color regions, and each of them can be assigned one of a hundred color IDs; the fun thing about this cheat is that it allows you to apply colors that won’t occur on a given species either naturally or through breeding. To manipulate colors, aim at a creature, input the cheat, and then follow it up with the region number and then the color id (eg. setTargetDinoColor 4 13).

3 GiveArmorSet & GiveWeaponSet

If you’re more interested in taming and exploring than the survival aspects of Ark, one nifty cheat is GiveArmorSet and GiveWeaponSet. These commands will give (respectively) a full set of armor — cloth, chitin, metal, riot, hazard, or tek — or a full tier set of weapons.

You’ll need to know the number or keyword that applies to the items that you want, but this is the quickest way to get some snazzy gear if you either haven’t unlocked the engrams or have spent your points in a way that means you can’t. Just type the relevant cheat plus the code and quality from 1 to 5 (eg. GiveArmorSet Riot 5) and run off for an adventure!

2 TPCoords

Lost your gear miles and miles away from your spawn point, in a very awkward location full of jellyfish or raptors? Haven’t got a good flyer to get back there quickly? If you’re a casual player, consider teleporting.

To use TPCoords, you need to keep a record of some important locations around the map; it isn’t much use if you don’t know the latitude and longitude of where you want to go. Just input the code followed by the latitude and longitude (eg. TPCoords 79.8 17.4). Bear in mind this is not the X, Y, Z values. You’ll need a GPS or do some triangulation based on the obelisk locations.

1 GiveCreativeMode

Like with Minecraft, sometimes you load up Ark and all you fancy doing is a little bit of uninterrupted building. Or perhaps you want to have a home base ready to go before you start the game, to deal with that pesky issue of surviving your first dark, dilophosaurus-filled night. This is where the little-known Creative Mode comes in.

Creative Mode eliminates weight restrictions, opens up all engrams for use, makes crafting items instantaneous, removes material requirements, and applies the cheats ‘Fly’, ‘InfiniteStats’ and ‘GodMode.’ It also gives you the Blink Rifle, which lets you teleport around from point A to point B, so long as you can see where you’re aiming.

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