Arkane Austin Is Working On An Unannounced Fantasy Game In Unreal Engine 4

We’re getting some tantalizing hints that Arkane Studios is up to something. No sooner do we get the news that the Austin studio’s creative director is working on a brand new unannounced game do we get confirmation from an entirely different source.

Hats off to Twitter user @bogorad222 for spotting Lisa Charriere’s profile on LinkedIn. She’s a senior VFX artist at Arkane’s Austin studio and she likes to keep her LinkedIn profile up to date with all her latest projects. Under the “About” section, Charriere lists every game she’s worked on, including H1Z1, EverQuest Next (which was canceled), Landmark, Planetside 2, Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, and an “unannounced project in Unreal 4 (fantasy).”

What could this mysterious fantasy project be? We have no idea, but there’s a chance we know someone else who is working on it. Arkane Austin creative director Harvey Smith recently spoke with Spanish gamer outlet Vandal to discuss Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda (he called it a “perfect fit”) and also what he’s getting up to these days. Smith said he’s working with the Dishonored and Prey team on a brand new project, but didn’t give any further information.

We only know that it’s not Deathloop, since it’s already been announced and has already been delayed to later this year thanks to COVID-related issues. It’s also not Fable 4 since that’s being handled by Playground Games, the folks behind Forza Horizon. Although, with the recent ZeniMax acquisition, it’s certainly possible that Arkane might be lending a hand on it.

Or we could be in store for an entirely new fantasy game from Arkane. Wouldn’t be the first time the studio has surprised us, and it seems to be what they’re best at anyways.

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