Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: All Of The God Favors In Orlog (And How To Use Them)

Orlog is a fictional game that the developers of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla came up with themselves. It involves rolling six dice that each have offensive, defensive, or God Token properties and your goal is to take away all 15 stones of your opponent’s health. One aspect that makes this special is the inclusion of God Favors, which utilize God Tokens and give you a special advantage.

You will face several Orlog players throughout your time in Valhalla, and some of them will reward you with new God Favors to use in your future matches. Unfortunately, some of them can be fairly confusing to use, but which ones you equip depends upon your base strategy.

Thor’s Strike

  • Opponent Location: Default God Favor
  • Overall Effect: Deal damage to the opponent after the resolution phase
  • Number of Tokens/Effect:
    • 4 Tokens/2 Damage
    • 8 Tokens/5 Damage
    • 12 Tokens/8 Damage

    How To Use It

    You can use this anytime in the game, and one strategy is to save up your God Tokens to steal a lot of their health at once. This is also a good one to use to finish them off at the end of a close game. It is by far the best God Favor in the game and is part of why Orlog is the best part of Valhalla, as it will automatically reduce their Health and nothing can stop it.

    Hel’s Grip

    • Opponent Location: Buckingham, Oxenefordscire
    • Overall Effect: Dealing axe damage to your opponent will heal you
    • Number of Tokens/Effect:
      • 6 Tokens/+1 Health per damage
      • 12 Tokens/+2 Health per damage
      • 18 Tokens/+3 Health per damage

      How To Use It

      If you are running low on health you can use this God Favor to recoup some of it by stacking up on axes, but make sure your opponent doesn’t have helmets to block them.

      Vidar’s Might

      • Opponent Location: Fornburg, Rygjafylke
      • Overall Effect: Removes helmet dice from the opponent
      • Number of Tokens/Effect:
        • 2 Tokens/Remove 2
        • 4 Tokens/Remove 4
        • 6 Tokens/Remove 6

        How To Use It

        This is a versatile God Favor that is great due to the low number of God Tokens it requires. It can help you slowly chip away at their health, especially if you find yourself with several axes. This game might not be historically accurate, but it is fun to play.

        Heimdall’s Watch

        • Opponent Location: Ravensthorpe Barracks (use these tips for upgrading your settlement)
        • Overall Effect: Heal health for each attack you block (for Helmets or Shields)
        • Number of Tokens/Effect:
          • 4 Tokens/+ 1 Health per block
          • 7 Tokens/+2 Health per block
          • 10 Tokens/+3 Health per block

          How To Use It

          If you find yourself in a bind where an opponent is really digging into your health then consider stocking up on shields and helmets and decide to make the choice to use this God Favor.

          Skadi’s Hunt

          • Opponent Location: Quatford, Sciropescire
          • Overall Effect: Add arrows to each die that rolled arrows
          • Number of Tokens/Effect:
            • 6 Tokens/+1 arrow
            • 10 Tokens/+2 arrow
            • 14 Tokens/+3 arrow

            How To Use It

            The game is always up to chance, and if you are able to roll several arrows then this God Favor might be for you. It can be used at any point in the game and it could even take all of their health in one go!

            Ullr’s Aim

            • Opponent Location: Grantebridge, Grantebridgescire (one of the best regions to explore)
            • Overall Effect: Arrows will ignore your opponent’s shields
            • Number of Tokens/Effect:
              • 2 Tokens/2 Arrows ignore Shields
              • 3 Tokens/3 Arrows ignore Shields
              • 4 Tokens/6 Arrows ignore Shields

              How To Use It

              This game is part strategy and part luck, but if you stock up on arrows and see your opponent has several shields in play, then this God Favor can come in handy. Your arrows will sail right past the shields and take out their health.

              Baldr’s Invulnerability

              • Opponent Location: Ragnarsson War Camp, Ledecestrescire
              • Overall Effect: Add extra helmets and shields based on the current roll
              • Number of Tokens/Effect:
                • 3 Tokens/+1 per equivalent
                • 6 Tokens/+2 per equivalent
                • 9 Tokens/+3 per equivalent

                How To Use It

                Sometimes your opponents will choose a purely offensive strategy that has you struggling to block their attacks. This God Favor is great for these situations as it doesn’t take many tokens to block a few more attacks.

                Freyja’s Plenty

                • Opponent Location: Donecacstre, Eurvicscire
                • Overall Effect: Roll additional dice this round
                • Number of Tokens/Effect:
                  • 2 Tokens/+1 Die
                  • 4 Tokens/+2 Dice
                  • 6 Tokens/+3 Dice

                  How To Use It

                  If you want to give yourself an added advantage then one tip is to consider using this God Favor that grants you extra dice for a round. It doesn’t take many tokens and it can give you a small push to take the lead.

                  Freyr’s Gift

                  • Opponent Location: Lunden
                  • Overall Effect: Add to the total of whichever die face is in the majority
                  • Number of Tokens/Effect:
                    • 4 Tokens/+2 Dice
                    • 6 Tokens/+3 Dice
                    • 8 Tokens/+4 Dice

                    How To Use It

                    Whatever you decide to stock up on, whether it be arrows, axes, helmets, shields, or steal a God Token, this God Favor will come in handy. It is versatile and works in any situation which is why it is a great addition to any player’s game.

                    Idun’s Rejuvenation

                    • Opponent Location: Stavanger, Rygjafylke
                    • Overall Effect: Heal Health after the Resolution phase
                    • Number of Tokens/Effect:
                      • 4 God Tokens/+2 Health
                      • 7 God Tokens/+4 Health
                      • 10 God Tokens/+6 Health

                      How To Use It

                      Sometimes an opponent can knock off a chunk of your health and create a close game, which is when you should use this God Favor. It does take a decent number of God Tokens, but it is worth it to give you a chance to win the game.

                      Brunhild’s Fury

                      • Opponent Location: Northwic, East Anglia
                      • Overall Effect: Multiply axes, rounded up
                      • Number of Tokens/Effect:
                        • 6 God Tokens/x1.5 axes
                        • 10 God Tokens/x2 axes
                        • 18 God Tokens/x3 axes

                        How To Use It

                        Axes are a great way to diminish your opponent’s health, and this God Favor amplifies their usefulness. It is the perfect thing to use throughout the game as it increases the damage you are able to do to them and makes any game of Orlog easier than the hardest bosses.

                        Skuld’s Claim

                        • Opponent Location: Colcestre, Essexe
                        • Overall Effect: Destroy an opponent’s God Tokens for each die that rolled an arrow
                        • Number of Tokens/Effect:
                          • 4 God Tokens/-2 God Tokens per die
                          • 6 God Tokens/-3 God Tokens per die
                          • 8 God Tokens/-4 God Tokens per die

                          How To Use It

                          This God Favor comes in handy when your opponent starts stacking up on God Tokens because you know the ending won’t be pretty. You can use this to destroy a few of their God Tokens and all you need are some arrows.

                          Frigg’s Sight

                          • Opponent Location: Folcanstan, Cent
                          • Overall Effect: Reroll any of your opponent’s dice
                          • Number of Tokens/Effect:
                            • 2 God Tokens/Reroll 2 dice
                            • 3 God Tokens/Reroll 3 Dice
                            • 4 God Tokens/Reroll 4 Dice

                            How To Use It

                            If you find that your opponent is blocking all of your arrows and axes, or is beating you down with their own, then you can use this God favor to reroll some of their dice. It is great as it doesn’t require the use of many God Tokens and might give you a chance at a better outcome.

                            Loki’s Trick

                            • Opponent Location: Jorvik
                            • Overall Effect: Ban opponent’s dice for the round
                            • Number of Tokens/Effect:
                              • 3 God Tokens/-1 die
                              • 6 God Tokens/-2 dice
                              • 9 God Tokens/-3 Dice

                              How To Use It

                              This God Favor is similar to that of Frigg’s Sight, but it is a bit better as it ensures an opponent’s die is out of the picture. It could give you an opening to win the game, especially if it happens to be closer than you would like.

                              Mimir’s Wisdom

                              • Opponent Location: Picheringa, Eurvicscire
                              • Overall Effect: Gain God Tokens for each damage dealt to you this round
                              • Number of Tokens/Effect:
                                • 3 God Tokens/+1 God Token per damage
                                • 5 God Tokens/+2 God Token per damage
                                • 7 God Tokens/+3 God Token per damage

                                How To Use It

                                If you know your plan is to deal a lot of damage in a single round, then consider using this God Favor on top of it. It will grant you God Tokens for dealing damage, which could help you do even more in the next round.

                                Bragi’s Verve

                                • Opponent Location: Grimsby, Lincolnscire
                                • Overall Effect: Gain extra God Tokens for each die that rolled “Steal a God Token”
                                • Number of Tokens/Effect:
                                  • 4 God Tokens/+2 God Tokens per die
                                  • 6 God Tokens/+3 God Tokens per die
                                  • 12 God Tokens/+4 God Tokens per die

                                  How To Use It

                                  The “Steal a God Token” roll already gives you God Tokens, but now you can gain even more. This God Favor will give you extra God Tokens on top of the one you steal, so you can really rack them up and hit your opponent with a God Favor in the next round that deals a massive amount of damage.

                                  Odin’s Sacrifice

                                  • Opponent Location: Crawleah, Suthsexe
                                  • Overall Effect: After the Resolution phase, sacrifice any number of your Health Tokens and gain God Tokens per Health Tokens sacrificed
                                  • Number of Tokens/Effect:
                                    • 6 God Tokens/+3 God Tokens per Health Token
                                    • 8 God Tokens/+4 God Tokens per Health Token
                                    • 10 God Tokens/+5 God Tokens per Health Token

                                    How To Use It

                                    Odin’s Sacrifice is often used early on in a game of Orlog, as giving up health isn’t usually a big deal this early on. You will have to give up at least two Health Tokens to make up for your loss, but it is well worth it for the reward. It is a risk, but one some are willing to take if this is the strategy they choose to use.

                                    Var’s Bond

                                    • Opponent Location: Wincestre
                                    • Overall Effect: Each God Token spent by your opponent heals you
                                    • Number of Tokens/Effect:
                                      • 10 God Tokens/+1 Health per God Token
                                      • 14 God Tokens/+2 Health per God Token
                                      • 18 God Tokens/+3 Health per God Token

                                      How To Use It

                                      Some opponents like to use their God Tokens freely, which is where this God Favor comes in handy, and is definitely something to go after once you beat the game. If you suspect your opponent plans to use a God Favor then you can pull this God Favor and gain back the health they had planned to take away. It is a great counter versus Thor’s Strike as it prevents them from depleting your health.

                                      Thrymr’s Theft

                                      • Opponent Location: Glowecestre, Glowecestrescire
                                      • Overall Effect: Reduce the effect level of a God Favor invoked by the opponent this round
                                      • Number of Tokens/Effect:
                                        • 3 Tokens/- 1 Level
                                        • 6 Tokens/-2 Levels
                                        • 9 Tokens/-3 Levels

                                        How To Use It

                                        If you know your opponent is planning to use a God Favor, then you will want to employ one of your own. You can diminish the effect that their God Favor has on you with this, as it can reduce its level. It doesn’t use up many of your own God Tokens, and it can render it useless if you have nine God Tokens.

                                        Tyr’s Pledge

                                        • Opponent Location: Fearnhamme, Hamtunscire
                                        • Overall Effect: Sacrifice any number of your Health Tokens to destroy an opponent’s God Token per Health Token sacrificed
                                        • Number of Tokens/Effect:
                                          • 4 Tokens/- 2 God Tokens per Health Token
                                          • 6 Tokens/-3 God Tokens per Health Token
                                          • 8 Tokens/-4 God Tokens per Health Token

                                          How To Use It

                                          When watching your opponent you might see them stacking up on God Tokens, which means that something big is coming your way. You should consider destroying their God Tokens, and while it comes at the cost of your health, it is well worth it to avoid a loss.

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