Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Guide To Every Dane Axe

One weapon that was used by real-life Vikings is called a Dane Axe, and it is also a weapon that players can equip in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. They come in a variety of styles, and players love to watch as Eivor cuts down her enemies with a single swing. It is also a parrying machine which is why you should try it out at least once during your time in the game.

It is a two-handed weapon, and what it lacks in speed it makes up for with attack damage and stun. There are nine Dan Axes in total and not all are created equal between their stats and the perks they are given. However, keep in mind that your stats may change based on your skill tree and what weapon enhancements you have unlocked.


This Fine Dane Axe is one of the first you will come across during the game as it can be found in Rygjafylke, Norway in a location called Ikke en Oy. This is an island you will pass on your way out of this area as you make your way to England. Your crew will ask if you want to attack is as you sail on by, and your answer should be yes.

The stats for this Dane Axe aren’t great, but they are an improvement over some of the other weapons you have probably acquired at this stage in the game. Its perk isn’t half bad as it will increase your stun after completing a heavy hit, and this is stackable up to ten times.


  • Attack: 69
  • Stun: 65
  • Speed: 35
  • Crit-Pre: 43
  • Weight: 18

Sepulcher Axe

The Sepulcher Axe is found in a region called Ledecestescire in England at a location known as Offchurch’s Crypt and it can help you fight harder Zealots early. There is one catch as you will not have access to this chest until you reach this location during the Tilting the Balance main story quest. It will be in the same room as the one where the king is hiding so you won’t be able to miss it.

The cool thing about this weapon is its perk, as it has a chance to ignite after performing a critical hit. This is great if fire is your friend and you have focused some of your attention on your Skill Tree to upgrading the damage you do with fire.


  • Attack: 83
  • Stun: 105
  • Speed: 39
  • Crit-Pre: 59
  • Weight: 14

Aella’s Bardiche

When you finally make your way to the friendly town of Jorvik, you can search for this Superior Dane Axe that is one of the best things about the game. It can be found in the Jorvik Theatre behind a breakable wall, but you must first collect the key from a hidden room across the way. The chest is trapped behind a locked door hidden by breakable boxes and the key to unlock the chest is in the room itself.

Its stats are very similar to that of the Sepulcher Axe, so it is really a matter of looks preference and the perk. If you often find yourself in situations with low health than this weapon is perfect as it will increase your speed when this occurs.


  • Attack: 89
  • Stun: 102
  • Speed: 40
  • Crit-Pre: 54
  • Weight: 16

Battle Sparth

The Battle Sparth Axe can be acquired by visiting Saint Helen’s Spring in Lincolnscire which is a little to the east of the middle of this region. There will be an enemy sitting on the throne beside the chest, and all you have to do is shoot the red pots to take him out. Collect the key off his corpse and open the chest to add this insane weapon to your inventory.

The stats for this weapon are pretty brutal, especially when using the best runes, and the perk isn’t half bad either. It will increase your attack damage when surrounded by three or more enemies.


  • Attack: 95
  • Stun: 103
  • Speed: 33
  • Crit-Pre: 64
  • Weight: 18sit

Lagertha’s Axe

Eurviscire is home to this Flawless Dane Axe called Lagertha’s Axe and it can be found in a location called Housesteads, which is something players wish they knew before starting the game. There will be a building with a breakable stone wall opposite a pond and the chest will be on the opposite side of this blockade.

This weapon’s stats are pretty amazing and it can cut down enemies in a decent amount of time as its speed is average for this weapon. This weapon does have a perk that increases Critical Damage when more than three enemies are around you, making it easier to take them all down at once.


  • Attack: 105
  • Stun: 119
  • Speed: 34
  • Crit-Pre: 68
  • Weight: 17


One of the Mythical Dane Axes that can be bought from the in-game store is called the Bone-Maul and it is one weapon that can help create an overpowered character. Its stats make it well worth the purchase if you prefer to use this weapon in combat, and its perk isn’t half bad either.

The perk for this Dane Axe will increase your light damage when low health, which is usually your plan of attack when in this unfortunate situation.


  • Attack: 136
  • Stun: 150
  • Speed: 34
  • Crit-Pre: 77
  • Weight: 15


Ubisoft held a virtual conference back on July 12, 2020 and those who watched an eligible Ubisoft forward stream were given this item as a reward. Unfortunately, this seems to be the only way that players were able to acquire this weapon.

If you were lucky enough to take part in this event than you understand just how incredible its perk can be. It will increase your Heavy Damage when close to full health, which can help you deplete a boss or legendary animal’s health before they land their first attack.


  • Attack: 61
  • Stun: 63
  • Speed: 38
  • Crit-Pre: 46
  • Weight: 16

Vordr’s Bite

This weapon won’t be found until the end of the story as it is located in Hamtunscire, the highest-powered region in England. It can be discovered in Calvalla Outpost at the amphitheater and you have to move the objects in the pit to find this chest.

The perk for this weapon is that completing a heavy combo finisher hit gives you a chance to drop a poison cloud on your enemies, which is extremely useful in multi-opponent fights.


  • Attack: 111
  • Stun: 122
  • Speed: 30
  • Crit-Pre: 59
  • Weight: 17

Hemming’s Axe

When you complete the story arc of Snotinghamscire than you will be rewarded with Hemming’s Axe. All you have to do is check your mailbox in your room in Ravensthorpe and there will be a letter from Vili, who had one of the best storylines, that includes this as a gift.

This weapon has another perk that deals with low health as it will increase your heavy damage when in this situation. It also starts as a mythical weapon upon retrieval so there is no reason not to rush to finish the story to attain this Dane Axe.


  • Attack: 122
  • Stun: 136
  • Speed: 36
  • Crit-Pre: 73
  • Weight: 15

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