Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How To Gain XP Quickly

One question players often ask is how to quickly gain XP in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla so they earn more skill points and explore the areas with high power levels. Luckily, there are quite a few ways that this can be done early on in the game so you don’t have to wait as long to venture into the unknown. It’s also great if your goal is to complete all of the boss fights before the end of the game so their rewards are not rendered useless.

It is not difficult to gain XP in this game as basically everything you do will give you some kind of XP reward. However, some give more than others which is why it is in your best interest to seek out these challenges if you want to level up faster!

Complete The Main Quests

The easiest way to gain a ton of XP in a short amount of time is to follow the story. This will obviously only take you so far as eventually, your power level won’t be high enough to continue on. However, this shouldn’t stop you from seeking out these quests as it is will allow you to explore the best storylines in the game and unlocks both new characters and gear along the way.

Side Quests Are Important Too

Side Quests are labeled as World Events on your map and are usually found by seeking out the blue dots. These will require you to solve a problem and often require a bit of thinking to figure out the correct solution. However, these side quests can be quite fun as well as you help find an ingredient for a sauce or meet a Saxon baseball player. They don’t take very long either, in comparison to main quests, which is why many primarily use this method to gain XP.

Various Mysteries Grant XP

Mysteries are scattered across the map and they are various challenges you can complete to gain XP or skill points. Some involve using your head to solve a problem, while others require the use of your weapon to defeat a foe. It depends upon your mental capability and swiftness of your axe to determine how many of these you can wipe off your list in a short amount of time.

The different mysteries in the game are as follows:

  • World Events
  • Flyting
  • Cairns
  • Standing Stones
  • Animus Anomalies
  • Lost Drengr
  • Legendary Animals
  • Offering Altars
  • Treasures of Britain
  • Daughters of Lerion
  • Fly Agaric

Take Contracts From Reda

Reda can be found in your settlement once you complete a quest called Thousand Eyes and players can buy specialty items from him by collecting opal. However, you can also take contracts from Reda, and completing them will earn you XP.

Reda also has others working for him in various regions and you can approach them to take quests as well. He only has so many available for you each day so make sure to stop by each day to earn this easy XP.

Synchronize Viewpoints In Every Region

You can synchronize viewpoints in every region of the map, and it opens up fast travel as well. This will give you XP and all you have to do is climb up to the point it wants you to reach and a simple hit of a button will have the game doing the rest. It barely takes any effort and gives you a better way to traverse the map, especially if you find yourself needing to come back at a later date.

Raid The Monasteries

One aspect of the game that players love is the addition of raids, where Eivor blows her horn and her party rushes onto shore to loot. The monasteries are the best areas to hit as they have multiple chests that you need to open.

The act of killing the soldiers and opening these chests will earn you XP, not to mention the smaller lootable chests also found in these areas. It can sometimes feel like a pain, especially when attempting a high-level raid early in the game, but it is well worth it for the XP it grants you.

Collect Wealth And Artifacts

When you open your map in the bottom right-hand corner is a box that tells you the location, as well as how many artifacts and wealth you need to collect. If you seek out both of these things it will earn you immense XP, and your best plan of attack is to explore each area that the story takes you. The main quests will jump around a certain region, no matter how boring the land is, so doing them as you go along will give you a steady flow of XP.

Perform Alternate Kills

A kill in general will earn you XP, but Assassin’s Creed Valhalla does give points for creativity. You could run into an area without a single care and wipe everyone in sight with your best weapon, but you will be losing out on XP.

If you perform stealth kills or blow up red pots to kill enemies, the game recognizes this and rewards you for it. Many feel it’s useless to sneak around a low-level area where you could take everyone out with ease but the extra XP adds up quickly and can boost your level of gameplay.

Loot Chests

There are big wealth chests that hold ingots, but there are smaller chests as well for you to loot across the map. They are labeled with a small gold dot and you shouldn’t pass these over. Not only do they give away resource materials, but opening these chests will grant you XP. It adds up quickly and generally they are not too difficult to find making it an easy bonus for you to collect.

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