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Because Assassin’s Creed Valhalla takes place over one-thousand years ago, it can be hard to believe that any metropolis from that era might still exist. Welcome to the cultural marvel of London, which is an established city even during the times of the Viking sieges and, at one point in its history, briefly fell to their invasion.

However, this event was not during the time of Eivor’s escapades, so you’ll be tasked with gaining allies for the time being. Even so, the questline is challenging and it’s not unheard of for even an expert to get stuck in various places, so this guide will go step-by-step and detail out some specifics that will help players get through this smoothly.

Walls And Shadows

  • Travel To Lunden

The location is clearly marked. After you get within a certain distance, you’ll trigger a cutscene with Reeve Stowe, who guides you to seek Governor Tryggr, but before you can make that visit, you’ll be interrupted by some unpleasant aristocrats attempting to double collect on some taxes. You won’t be permitted to use weapons, but beating them up gets the message across.

You’ll be given another cutscene where you can begin a romance with Stowe if you’d like. He’s certainly a tertiary character, but he’s one of the more worthy matches you’ll meet.

  • Follow Stowe

The reeve will tell you about his history before stopping dead in his tracks when reaching the Governor’s Villa. Both he and Eivor will smell blood. Keep going to trigger a gruesome cutscene.

  • Investigate Tryggr’s Murder

The first clue is a letter on the lefthand side of the throne. After that, take about three paces toward the direction you came in from and find the next clue with some footprints on the ground a few steps into the entryway. Then break some crates on the right side of the room and find some tools stowed inside. The last clue is up in the rafters of this room in a lynched guard’s hand.

  • Find The Entrance To The Temple

Stowe and Erke will have to deal with the masses who have caught on to the murder. Use your bird when you are close to the marker to find the entrance.

The Temple of Mithras is guarded, so be prepared to do what a Viking does best and clear it out.

  • Investigate The Temple

You’ll need to find three clues while inside, all of which will be present as you explore the path, just be sure to use your vision so as not to miss them. The first clue is a set of tools on the table that match the ones in the throne room. Continue to find letters on another table between the Leech and the Compass. The final clue is yet another letter on a podium between the conspirators.

  • Return To Erke And Stowe

There is a good amount of wealth and treasure here, so explore around, but after you’re done, exit the Temple of Mithras and find the reeves. You’ll make a plan and finally move on to the next step of the quest.

Firing The Arrow

  • Meet Stowe In The West Market

Don’t worry about stealth, you’ll automatically speak inconspicuously when you reach the checkpoint.

  • Acquire A Coin

Though several points in the market will light up, most of them are dead ends. If you want to avoid unnecessary combat, head behind the market and find a recruiter for the Arrow. After some dialogue, you can kill him for his coin. He’s got some buddies who will join him, but none pose a threat.

  • Complete The Arrow’s Challenge

You’ll be directed to the Colosseum, where a competition is taking place. You’ll be instructed to shoot the targets down faster than your competitor. Don’t fret about looking for unseen targets, they’ll all be marked once the trial begins. If you’re really unsure of your aim, ask her for a practice round first.

  • Meet With Hussa

You’ll be guided toward a toadie who will take you to the Arrow’s side after a cutaway.

  • Find And Assassinate The Arrow

You’ll immediately be given the identity of the Arrow as Avgos, who is in the middle of an impassioned speech and pretending to be a loyal friend of Tryggr’s filled with righteous outrage. There’s no way to avoid killing him in public, but thanks to your infiltration, you’ll be able to kill him in one blow with a well-timed assassination. Next, kill the guards who see you do this deed.

  • Return To Stowe

Go give Stowe the good news and get to the next part of the plan.

Bleeding The Leech

  • Meet Erke By The Docks

Erke will be next to a pile of bodies killed by the Leech.

  • Find The Contact’s Meeting Point

You’ll be instructed to hide behind a crate at night. After you do so, you’ll automatically see a short cutscene that shows a suspicious man for you to follow.

  • Tail The Contact

Unlike many other follow challenges, the contact here doesn’t look around randomly, but he does sprint and turn around after dashing for a while. Quickly keep up with him without getting ahead.

  • Find And Interrogate The Blacksmith

The contact will enter a structure, after which you can let him scurry off. Stealth is no longer of critical importance here, so if you’re more of a brazen player, go ahead and clear out the garrison.

Look for the house with all of the shields in front to find your man.

  • Find And Assassinate The Leech

Sister Frideswid is exposed by the blacksmith after a short conversation. She is defended, but the fight is rather easy. Despite her status in the order, she’s not given any boss abilities. She’s just like any other shield-user.

  • Report To Erke

Make your way back to close out the mission and execute the final stage of the operation.

Smashing The Compass

  • Meet Stowe And Erke

Make your way through the rioters who have mistakenly identified Stowe and Erke as the murderers.

  • Escape Saint Paul’s

Leave the structure through the roof that Stowe points to during the cutscene.

  • Rescue Stowe And Erke From The Blaze

The name of the Compass will be revealed at this time as he sieges the city, but before going after him, save your new allies. They will be right underneath you, boxed in by some crates and multiple soldiers. You’ll have to wreck them all to get them out alive.

  • Find And Assassinate The Compass

A whole mess of soldiers stands in between you and the target. If you get tired of all the fighting, head to the rooftops and find a mounted ballista to take out more problematic targets.

Eventually, you’ll have to come down and make your way across the Thames by hopping between boats and debris or swimming to Vicelin. He is a brute boss that uses a two-handed spiked flail in combat. Blow up the fire jars on his vessel when he’s next to them and you’ll get rid of a huge amount of his health.

  • Speak To Stowe And Erke

Head back to your pals who have miraculously lived to see the end of this experiment.

Reporting On Lunden

  • Report To Randvi

All that’s left is to go back home and give Randvi a positive update.

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