Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Rumors Of Ledecestre Guide

Rumors of Ledecestre is the next Assassin’s Creed Valhalla main quest after Bartering. Now that you know that Burgred is holed up in either Ledecestre or Templebrough, you’ll need to investigate both areas with Ivarr and Ubba, respectively. This is the first of two guides devoted to this section of the game, which are both part of our complete Assassin’s Creed Valhalla walkthrough.

If you’re currently working on scouting the church and bathhouse with Ivarr but are finding it difficult to progress, this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Rumors of Ledecestre guide is the only companion you’ll need. Well, this and Ivarr, who is sometimes helpful, sometimes very unhelpful.

Anyway, here’s how to scout the church and bathhouse in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in order to complete the Rumors of Ledecestre main story quest.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Rumors Of Ledecestre Guide

After finishing Bartering, choose to go to Ledecestre to meet up with Ivarr. The fastest way to get here is to fast travel back to Tamworth, where you should have unlocked the Tamworth docks fast travel point earlier on. This covers almost half of your entire journey, so it’s a pretty significant time-saver.

When you arrive here, call your mount and ride around to the right of Tamworth’s outer wall, following the main path towards your new quest marker. Once you get close you’ll see the town you’re supposed to infiltrate — however, don’t go towards it just yet. Instead, pivot right before you get to the bridge and you’ll see Ivarr’s camp made on the outskirts of the city, off to the right of the docks. Ivarr isn’t here, though — in classic Ivarr fashion, he’s already scaled the battlements to the highest point in Ledecestre town. The quest marker will disappear when you get close, so use Odin’s sight to pinpoint where he is — if you can’t find the green pulse highlighting his location, he’s on top of the tower in the southwestern corner of the walled city. To get here, head back towards the river — while staying on the side Ivarr’s camp is set up on — but don’t go the whole way in. Instead, turn right at the bank and climb the tower, which is the one Ivarr is at the top of. Talk to him and a cutscene will play.

Ince the cutscene ends, leap of faith into the hay directly below you. You will now learn that you have to search both the church and the bathhouse. To get to these locations you’ll need to head through the city, so remember to lift up your hood and prioritize walking over running. If you see guards, look for something you can interact with to blend in — this is a distrust area, and you don’t want to arouse unnecessary suspicion.

The church should be your first point of call. Also it’s a massive church, so it’s pretty difficult to miss. You should be crafty with your approach here — it’s a well-guarded area, so wrap around the back of the building and climb up the scaffolding in the back right corner. Try to do this quietly and quickly — even with perfect social stealth, guards will see you. Going over the top of the church allows you to avoid all of the guards below, so climb up and head to the northern end of the roof. Jump off into the haybale below and go in the door beside you — hide in the hay on the left and whistle to attract the first guard. Assassinate him, and then headshot the guard at the end of the hall with your bow. Get out of the hay and walk forward, but don’t get too cocky — there is an open door on your left with a guard posted outside. Use Odin’s sight to make him glow red if you can’t see him. Once you’ve pinpointed his location, assassinate him. Once that’s done make your way to the back of the hall and climb up the wall — the wooden panel here is destructible, so smash it and jump through to the next room, where a stairs will lead you down into a cellar. The clue is a scroll hidden at the end of the cellar. You can also get a bow here, Skadi’s Wrath, by looting the chest between the stairs and the scroll.

Now that you’re done in the church, it’s time to head to the bathhouse. It’s near the church, so walk out the door you came in and make your way over in social stealth. It’s a short walk, so nobody should realize who you are provided you have your hood up and don’t make a scene. Once you reach the bathhouse, climb the scaffolding on the southern side of it. Go in through the open window and the top and walk across the tightrope to your right. Take the right-hand tightrope at the end of the platform you land on to head to the next one over — from here, you should have a clear shot at an enemy marked by a key over his head. If you don’t see the key symbol, use Odin’s sight and it will show up.

Headshot the guard with the key to kill him quickly and safely. Wrap around the side of the platform you’re on and you’ll see a ladder down into the room directly to the right of where you came in — or to the left if you’re looking at the entrance from where you’re standing now. The first item you need to collect is a scroll on the table, which includes details about grain being stored in the bathhouse. Once you pick this up, crouch, head out the door, and quickly headshot the guard on your right, who will be alerted if you don’t act fast. He is standing still, so it’s an easy enough shot to make.

Once he’s been dealt with, head around to where the guard you killed earlier is to collect the key from his body. Walk towards the back of the bathhouse — the opposite end to where you came in — climb up the scaffolding to the first platform, and unlock the door on your right with the key you just looted. Ceolbert is inside — follow him out to the market and fight any soldiers who get in your way. Once you’re safe, speak to Ceolbert to start a cutscene and finish the quest. Your next point of order is The Walls of Templebrough.

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