Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Walkthrough For Snotinghamscire – A Tale Of Two Jarls

It’s quite a change in the series for the protagonist to be playing kingmaker instead of taking down kings, but that’s precisely what Eivor does in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Historically, the Viking invasion is doomed to fail, so maybe it should come as no surprise that the cover character doesn’t ever ally with the assassins and claim victory.

Still, this does present players with a great deal of choice. You can’t defeat the tyrants, but you can choose your favorite flavor of tyrant in Snotinghamscire. Still, the journey is tough and the decisions aren’t always clear, so this guide will go over every objective and provide input to make sure your adventure goes as planned.

Old Friends

  • Travel To Snotinghamscire
  • Search For Hemming’s Envoy

After making the pledge, make your way to Snotinghamscire. As soon as you enter the gates, your objective will change. Follow the marker to discover Trygve making preparations. Speak to him.

  • Follow Trygve
  • Escort Trygve And His Convoy

He’ll have you follow him and ask for an escort on the river. Luckily for you, Trygve will board your longboat when you call it. This means you’ll have your warriors for the fights on the river.

During this trip, ambushers will raise wooden walls out of the water and fire arrows at you. The convoy will likely be picked clean if you don’t thwart them. You can shoot from the ship or get out and take the fight to them, whichever style you prefer.

  • Meet With Hemming Jarl
  • Find And Kill The Pict Chief

Exit the boat and mount up, Hemming Jarl is a few hundred meters in and walking would take a long time. Speak to him and you’ll be transferred to a friendly but bloody competition with Vili. You cannot lose so don’t pressure yourself to move faster than is reasonable.

The leader is a mini-boss named Gede. He’s a brute and has plenty of forces around him, but he’s also mistakenly located himself on the top of an exposed spire. Boot the leader off the edge for a quick and dirty end to the fight. This will trigger a cutscene and you’ll be cleared for the next step.

On Borrowed Time

  • Speak With Vili
  • Follow Vili
  • Reach Stoneburgh
  • Search For Survivors

You’ll talk with Vili and then take a rather long ride with him as you reminisce about childhood. Afterward, you’ll get a conversation with Trygve who needs help finding survivors. Despite the fiery look of things, you cannot fail this event. Simple head toward the markets and help anyone you can get to safety.

  • Bring The Villager To Safety

After so many are saved, you’ll be required to help Vili lift a fallen pillar out of the way. Inside, you’ll each grab a villager and run back outside of the burning village.

  • Find And Speak To Vili
  • Reach Hemthorpe’s Longhouse
  • Find And Speak To Trygve

Visit three locations and watch a cutscene at each one.

Adorning The Adorned

  • Speak With Vili
  • Find The Entrance Of Peak Cavern
  • Search For The Exile

After consoling Vili a little bit, you’ll set out to seek a master craftsman. This hermit does not welcome visitors and there is a large and winding cave to keep visitors out. Thankfully, while the cave is winding, it does not have multiple entrances and exits, so stay on the path and you’ll come across him at the end.

  • Build A Stack Of Cairn Stones

This is the easiest cairn stone puzzle in the game. Not only are you given four stones when you only need three, but you do not have to rotate any of the rocks to get them to stand on each other properly.

You’ll make some irrelevant flavor choices about the sigil and then progress to the next quest in the chain.

Rowdy Raiders

  • Speak To Trygve
  • Find And Calm The Guests

When you get back, you’ll discover Hemming Jarl’s people are being drunk and belligerent, so Trygve will ask you to calm them down. If you’re having trouble finding the troublemakers, use your bird and look for the blue glow to find where you are needed.

One man you need to help has locked himself in, shoot the wooden window and climb inside to help him out. Another citizen will ask you to save her “voda” which turns out to be merely a fire jar. If you cannot save it from the fire, that doesn’t damage your progress. One guest is being swarmed, kill the roosters to save his life. You cannot hit him on accident like most other innocent bystanders, so swing freely.

  • Return To Trygve

Give Trygve the comforting news and you’ll be given another task.

Of Blood And Gods

  • Find And Speak To The Seer
  • Follow The Seer

Meet up with the seer, who you’ll follow as she collects her sheep for the sacrifice.

  • Explore The Sleeping Jotun

When you reach the marked point, you must stand on the rock and manually select meditate from the action wheel.

  • Defeat Hemming Jarl

You can fight him straight up, but so long as you are alright with a little cheese, by repeatedly grabbing his projectile and hucking it back at him before it strikes you, you can win the fight without needing to move. If you don’t have that ability, don’t fret, the electrified spear actually makes the visual cues easier to spot for your dodges and blocks.

Defeat him to get a pleasant conversation and finish up this part of the sequence.

Under The Skin

  • Speak To Sunniva
  • Follow Sunniva

Speak with and follow Sunniva, who will take you right to where you need to go for the next part.

  • Search For Vili Inside Odin Mine Hideout
  • Eradicate The Picts

You won’t be given too much in the way of markers, but if you scan and see enemies, that is the correct direction. Kill the Picts in the tunnel and Vili will join you before too long.

  • Escape The Mine With Vili

Prepare yourself for a ton of combat, as even after killing the Picts, more Picts arrive for you to kill. Thankfully, you won’t get lost because Vili knows the way out. Simply fight whatever he’s fighting until you reach a cutscene and the following quest.

Farewells And Legacies

  • Speak To Vili
  • Return To Sunniva

After an elaborate funeral, you’ll begin the Althing by speaking with Sunniva.

The second decision here is the one that matters most. Either will do just fine in the as a jarl, but if you choose Trygve, then Vili will join you as a fellow Viking in your crew. If you don’t care for Vili either way, then make whatever decision you feel comfortable with as it does not impact the main plot or alter the fates of anyone involved.

Reporting On Snotinghamscire

  • Report To Randvi

All that’s left to do is tell Randvi how it went and you’ve completed the questline!

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