Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Who Should Be The Ealdorman In Lincolnscire?

The main story quest called Where the Stone Falls leaves you with an important choice in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It takes place in Lincolnscire, a region where the former ealdorman has passed and the people need someone new to look to for guidance. Eivor is chosen to decide who will be the new successor, as well as the man that will best serve the Raven Clan’s interests in a time of true need.

You are tasked with talking to the people in the vicinity who will share their insights on each of the possible choices. Odin will also put in his two cents, but as seen in other choices it can be more confusing than helpful. It is a tough choice to make but knowing the outcome of each choice can help make this decision easier!

Three Men To Choose From

You will have three men set before you to choose from, and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. You have Hunwald, Bishop Herefrith, and Aelfgaras options, but not all are created equal.

There are two good choices and one bad, and you will have to use the knowledge you obtained while completing quests in Lincolnscire to come to a final decision. It seems a bit odd that they would choose a Dane to be the tiebreaker for their vote, but it is what it is and leaves the Raven Clan in a favorable position if you choose correctly.


Hunwald is the son of the former ealdorman named Hundbeorht, but he has a royal heritage as well as he is related to the former kings of Lindsey. He understands his own faults and takes responsibility for them as he states that many people think he is foolish and inexperienced for this role.

What is more worrisome is the fact that someone wants him dead, as there have been several attempts on his life. The people describe him as fragile, scattered, foolish, and inexperienced, but his love for the land is what would make him great, as it is one of the best regions in the game.

He is also dealing with his father’s death, and Eivor finds him drowning his sorrows in alcohol on top of a hill. It doesn’t bode well for a man who is supposed to inherit his father’s title.

The only light of his future is a Dane named Swanburrow, and it goes to show how Hunwald will still ally with Eivor in the future for this reason. The only downfall to this is that he would rather spend his life with Swanburrow then become the ealdorman of Lincolnscire, which is why his storyline is so great.

Bishop Herefrith

The Bishop is a man of god and the church, but something about him makes your stomach turn in uneasiness. He has a lot of wisdom and believes he helped bring the shire back from a decade of lawlessness, but no one really knows how true this is.

He seems like an excellent choice for Lincolnshire, but not enough is known about him to make this decision. The Bishop claims he holds love in his heart for the people of this region and the question is how much is truth, and how much is a show to get Eivor to choose him.


Aelfgar is a thegn, or lord, who rules over a wealthy estate so he understands the workings of the local economic system. It would be great for Lincolnscire if he was able to increase their income and he states how he sees the potential for wealth in this region.

Some say he can be a bit arrogant and pompous as he bribes you with a bow, possibly due to his enormous wealth and current position, but it is also what would make him a great ealdorman. He has the confidence to succeed in this role and tells Eivor he sees why aligning the region with the Danes would work in their favor. It speaks of a future alliance which is exactly what Eivor needs for the Raven Clan.

Who Is The Right Choice?

Once you know the key facts about each of the three men, it is time to choose. The worst possible choice you can make is Bishop Herefrith, as it turns out he is actually a member of the Order of the Ancients.

It is something you will only find out later in the game if you choose him, which is why this is a choice that does matter, as you will then be tasked with killing him. However, choosing one of the other two men will automatically reveal him as an Order member so you won’t have to come back later.

Now you are left with Aelfgar and Hunwald, and both men are valid choices in this decision. If you choose Hunwald then Aelfgar will assist him in his decision-making within Lincolnscire, so you will have both Hunwald’s love for the region with Aelfgar’s experience.

However, it is better to choose Aelfgar because this will send Hunwald to Ravensthorpe to live out his days with Swanburrow. It just depends on what you want out of your game and your attachment to this couple when it comes down to it.

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