Batman Arkham Knight Might Be Getting An Xbox Series S|X Patch

Xbox may have dropped the ball and accidentally leaked that Batman: Arkham Knight is getting an Xbox Series S|X update.

Microsoft explained in a recent post that the store can now inform users of the languages that each listed game supports. However, in the featured image of the article, Reddit user Crusader3456 spotted something odd about Batman: Arkham Knight’s logo.

On the bottom left of Batman Arkham Knight’s picture is a mention of Xbox Game Pass (arguably one of the greatest things to happen in gaming) but also the Series X and Series S logo. Usually, this shows that the game has been optimized for the system. Currently, no announcements from Warner Bros Games have been made about a patch for the new-gen systems.

We could certainly see the game get upgraded with PC-specific features like high DirectX11 Tesselation, a 4K resolution, and detailed dynamic lighting and shadows. Gaming Acclaims reports that the resolution for Batman: Arkham Knight has only been at 900p since its release on the Xbox One, so an upgrade on new-gen hardware would make for a huge improvement. Digital Foundry also reported back in 2017 that the Xbox One X didn’t upscale the game at all as the game remained at 900p.

Another release from WB Games, Mortal Kombat 11, saw huge improvements on the Xbox Series X last year. As a free upgrade, the game offers 4K dynamic resolution, enhanced visuals, improved loading times, and cross-gen compatibility. That very precious save data of yours is restored.

Batman: Arkham Knight was Rocksteady’s only release game from last generation, and it’s been almost six years since its last effort. Its story was criticized for being too predictable and the Batmobile became too repetitive for some, but it did achieve a solid 87 MetaCritic score across 89 different outlets.

Our sister site GameRant reviewed the game and said, “Batman: Arkham Knight is a fitting end to Rocksteady Studios’ trilogy with a mature story and gorgeous visuals, but one flaw holds it back from being perfect.” That flaw was indeed the dreaded batmobile.

Rocksteady is currently hard at work on Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, a co-op adventure game starring the hazardous team of supervillains. From the trailer that’s been released, we can tell there will be more of a comedic angle than the dire severity of the Arkham series. We dissected all the details we could from the trailer when it initially released in August.

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