Battlefield 2042: Best M5A3 Loadout And Attachments

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  • Best Attachments For The SMG M5A3 Build
  • Best Attachments For The Standard Assault Rifle M5A3 Loadout

The M5A3 is the first assault rifle you have access to in Battlefield 2042. It's reliable, and thanks to patches and updates regarding weapon bloom, you can actually use it to shoot people now.

This loadout and attachment guide focuses on our favorite M5A3 build in the game: the Close Combat SMG build. If you find yourself getting ripped to pieces by the M5, this is likely the reason. We will also include a more standard assault rifle loadout.

Best Attachments For The SMG M5A3 Build

You wouldn't think it, but the M5A3 can be turned into the best SMG in the game. All you need to do is level up the gun to unlock some attachments and you can build a rifle that outguns even the K30 at close range. Here's how.

  • Sight – We love the Fusion Holo, but it really comes down to personal preference. You can even rock the 2x.
  • Ammo – Close Combat Magazine. Improves the fire rate immensely.
  • Underbarrel – Cobra Grip.
  • Barrel – Short Barrel.

This build relies on the Short Barrel and Close Combat Magazine. Everything else is interchangeable. You can roll with the Cobra Grip or any other grip, and the sight is up to you.

Tip? Just use Sundance with the SMG M5A3. Get to the high ground and wingsuit behind enemy lines. Run a Tactical Insertion so you respawn on the high ground again. Rinse and repeat. Check out our Sundance specialist guide here.

Best Attachments For The Standard Assault Rifle M5A3 Loadout

If you want to use the M5A3 as a standard assault rifle – or have a loadout ready to swap to if you find yourself in a long-range engagement, we recommended this loadout and attachments.

  • Sight – Up to you. We love the 2x or the 2.5x on the M5A3, but you can just roll with the red dot or Fusion holo if you want. Find the sight that suits you.
  • Ammo – Extended Mag for long-range sprays, or regular ammo to keep the gun balanced. Handling is important at range.
  • Underbarrel – Cobra Grip, LWG, Rattlesnake. Up to you, depending on whether you tend to move around a lot or prefer static shooting.
  • Barrel – Extended Barrel for range. Warhawk Compensator for middle-to-short range.
Tip? Angel is the best Specialist in the game that isn't called Sundance. Use his supply drop to swap loadouts on the fly and keep yourself stocked with ammo. Check out our Angel specialist guide here.

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