Battlefield V premium paid-for currency is live today

Paid-for cosmetic extras have finally come to Battlefield V, along with the chance to pay real money to get more XP.

It’s taken five months to happen but the one feature nobody asked for, but everyone knew was coming, has finally been added to Battlefield V.

If you boot the game up today you’ll find that you now have the option to buy in-game currency, rather unimaginatively called Battlefield Currency.

This can be used to buy three categories of in-game extras: cosmetic items, elite sets, and time savers – as described on the Battlefield V website.

The cosmetic items don’t change anything about the gameplay and don’t involve loot boxes, so there’s nothing much to get upset about there.

The Elite sets also offer no gameplay advantage but allow you to play as unique characters with specific names and backgrounds. So presumably a bit like the specialists from Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 except they’re purely cosmetic.

The time savers are more controversial though as they essentially allow you to pay real money to get an XP boost or tier catch-up, allowing you to unlock items more quickly without actually playing the game.

Whether that counts as giving you an advantage, especially given the game has been out for so long, is a matter of debate but it’s certainly bound to upset some fans.

Although Battlefield Currency goes live today the elite sets and time savers aren’t live yet and will be introduced later this spring.

EA are clearly trying to avoid the sort of gamer revolt that followed the use of loot boxes in Star Wars: Battlefront II, but the ability to pay money to advance your standing is going to upset some people no matter how innocuous it seems.

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