Bayonetta 3 Has A Not-So-Subtle Reference To Devil May Cry

Don’t tell fans of either series, but Bayonetta and Devil May Cry are basically the same games. Both are high-octane third-person action games where the main protagonists fight hordes of demons, angels, devils, or whatever using a named pair of pistols. Both have combo systems where you can seamlessly interweave dozens of different attacks to increase style meters that award the player with more points at the end of the level. And both games were created by the same guy: Hideki Kamiya. He even admitted in a 2009 interview that Bayonetta “evolved” from Devil May Cry.

Kamiya has also been known to reference his past titles in current games, so it comes as little surprise that he decided to put a not-so-subtle callback to the first Devil May Cry in Bayonetta 3.

Another similarity between both Devil May Cry and Bayonetta is that they both feature big fiery spider demons. In DMC, that demon is called Phantom and it appears as a boss fight in both Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 2. In Bayonetta, the demon Phantasmaraneae is a boss in the first game, a mini-boss in the second game, and in Bayonetta 3, it’s a weapon and movement ability.

But the initial encounters between Dante and Bayonetta in the first and third games go pretty much the exact same way. Both starts with the spider demon being disappointed with their “catch” or “prey,” and then both protagonists insult the demon as they casually walk up to it and rap it twice on the head. Then the spider demon threatens to squash the hero. The only difference is Dante actually has to fight Phantom in Devil May Cry whereas Bayonetta 3’s demon recognizes the witch’s power and joins her side.

Keep an eye out for more references to Kamiya's past games throughout Bayonetta 3, now available on the Nintendo Switch.

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