Bayonetta 3 – Side Mission 3: High Stakes Walkthrough

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Welcome to the third side mission in Bayonetta 3. Once again, you will take control of Jeanne, making your way through a facility in order to find Dr. Sigurd. Unlike the other two sections, High Stakes does not involve navigating through a mess of rooms and elevators.

Instead, you will focus on one fight that takes place in a large elevator. In this guide, we are going to take a look at how to get every food collectible and Bewitchment. Additionally, we will go over a basic walkthrough to help you survive this mission in one piece.

Jeanne's Spy Action Chapter 3

At the start of High Stakes, all you need to do is head to the right and interact with a panel. There will be no enemies that stand in your way, allowing you to interact and enter the elevator quickly.

Once you enter the elevator, it will begin to descend. Inside, you will find two more panels that can be activated for weapons and healing items to help you fight.

Overall, this fight is pretty straightforward. Enemies will hop into the elevator, and your goal is to quickly destroy them before they destroy you. You won't be able to do as many stealth kills as the previous two missions, so be sure to activate the control panel for weapons to use.

Eventually, the large Homunculus will jump on top of the elevator, causing it to tilt and become faster. Now, you will need to attack him in the elevator. This boss will shoot lasers from its hands that can deal a lot of damage. We recommend keeping your distance and interacting with the control panel to get powerful weapons as often as possible.

When the Homunculus has about half its first bar of health left, it will jump to the underside of the elevator and hang, with its hands reaching up. Once again, just dodge the hands while shooting from a distance. At this point, you can hop onto the raised platforms and attack from there, while occasionally jumping to the control panel to spawn in more weapons.

After a while of this, the boss will return to the side for a short bit, before a cinematic scene starts playing. From here, smash the X button to break free from his hands, and then you are done!

The Homunculus will fall into the bottom of the elevator shaft, allowing you to leave and come face to face with Dr. Sigurd. Once he is defeated, there is still a bit of cutscene for you to watch, but there will be no additional enemies or megaton attacks that you have to deal with.


Like every other chapter in Bayonetta 3, there are five Bewitchments that you can complete. Below, you can check out all five Bewitchments, along with how to get them.

#1 – Reach The End Without The Elevator Getting Fully StoppedThis can be achieved by quickly killing every enemy that appears in the elevator, excluding the boss. To do this, be sure to spawn weapons in; the rocket launcher will help you take out multiple enemies at the same time.
#2 – Get A Teapot From The Supply SystemOn the right control panel, you can obtain the teapot. To do so, stop the screen when it is blue. Afterward, it will continue cycling, with a rainbow addition to the mix. Stopping on the rainbow screen will give you the teapot.
#3 – Defeat 2 Or More Enemies With One Shotgun BlastTo do this, spawn and use the shotgun on two enemies that are lined up with each other.
#4 – Stealth Kill And Throw An Enemy Into Another EnemyThis can be a bit difficult at first; try to stealth kill an enemy the moment they board the elevator, and then throw them into a nearby enemy. If you wait too long after enemy boards, they will notice you.
#5 – Find And Defeat AffinityAffinity can be summoned by getting three red screens on the right control panel.

Food Collectibles

Lastly, we have food collectibles. As you may have noticed, there is no place for food to hide in this chapter, since it takes place entirely in an elevator.

Fortunately, food is pretty easy to get; all you need to do is kill a lot of enemies that appear prior to the boss appearing. These enemies will drop food, which means that if you kill more, you will have a better chance to get all four food items.

With that, you have finished High Stakes! From here, you only have one side mission with Jeanne left. This side mission will not happen immediately, though, you will need to go through a few main chapters before you can complete it.

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