Beat Saber Developer Is "Looking Into Cross-Play Support" For New Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer has finally been added to Beat Saber, but that doesn’t mean the team at Beat Games is ready to call it a day. In a recent interview, Marketing Lead Michaela Dvořáková said that the developers are already planning new features for the popular mode – including cross-play functionality.

Beat Saber’s new multiplayer mode is a hit with fans. Playing the wildly popular rhythm games with friends is among the best experiences you can have on a VR headset, and Beat Saber continues to be one of the best-selling titles across all available platforms. Dvořáková isn’t surprised by the game’s success – the team knew it had something special on its hands – and plans for the multiplayer mode’s future are already in progress.

“Our developers already know what they want to add next, and we’ll keep expanding and improving Beat Saber’s multiplayer over time. We’re looking into cross-play support for instance, as well as supporting 360 degree maps and maybe a 90Hz refresh rate,” said Dvořáková. The team at Beat Games “value and appreciate [the] community’s feedback,” and they are doing everything possible to make Beat Saber a better experience every single day.

After being on the market for several years, it’s surprising to see such a massive update to the title. Dvořáková believes that now was the perfect time to bring multiplayer to Beat Saber, as the feature had been on the minds of developers for quite a while, and they were finally given enough time between other updates – such as bringing Beat Saber to Quest owners or adding a level editor – to finally flesh out the often-discussed game mode.

Beat Saber’s multiplayer mode is now available on PC and Quest, although PSVR owners still have a bit of a wait until their game is updated – although no concrete timeline has been revealed. Up to five players can jump into a room together and compete against each other in real-time, vying for the highest score.

In other news, this November Beat Saber will receive a BTS music pack, bringing songs from the popular group to the game for the very first time.

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