Beat Saber to Leave Early Access Next Week, Level Editor Confirmed

Earlier this month Beat Games celebrated the first anniversary of virtual reality (VR) phenomenon Beat Saber in Early Access by releasing an early version of the videogame. The studio isn’t stopping there, revealing today that the title would finally be leaving early access as of next month for PC VR headsets.

Beat Saber isn’t just seeing an official release, oh no, Beat Games is going even further than that by adding a feature much requested by fans, a level editor. Now, PC VR players have been able to make their own tracks for awhile thanks to unofficial mod support, but this will be the first chance to make your own tracks right inside the videogame.

Explaining a little more about the feature and why it has taken so long to arrive Beat Games said on Medium: “The truth is, we didn’t realise how we wanted to incorporate other audio files with our Level Editor. We had many discussions about this and tried to come up with the best solution we could. The original plan was to release the Level Editor soon after the release of the PC version of Beat Saber. But because we weren’t able to find the best way, we decided to postpone this project and work on something else instead.”

“Now, we have it almost ready and prepared for the release next week. It’s 2D and it’s very simple — as we have always planned it since its original inception,” the team continues. “With the release of the Level Editor, you will be able to create levels for your own audio tracks. We will be including the song ‘Beat Saber’ from the OST Vol. 1 as a free, default track for everyone to have some fun with.”

The fully finalised version of Beat Saber will launch on 21st May – the same day as the launch of Oculus Quest – unifying all Beat Saber versions  on Steam, Oculus Store and PlayStation VR. This also means the price will be going up. Currently available for $19.99 USD (£15.49 GBP), on launch day that price will change to $29.99 on every platform.

Finally, this isn’t the end for Beat Saber in terms of updates. More music packs are plans as well as free tracks from big-name artists, plus the team also have ideas for new features. So keep reading VRFocus for the latest Beat Saber updates.

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