Become A Dodo Airlines Pilot Thanks To Official Jacket, Now Available

In a year full of hardship, Animal Crossing: New Horizons was the perfect casual game for Nintendo to release. As folks were all shuttered indoors, a virtual escape to a sub-tropical island was the mental vacation that we all needed, and Nintendo’s sales figures proved it.

To further cash in on New Horizon’s monumental popularity, Nintendo decided fairly early on to start selling Animal Crossing merch. The latest item to hit the Nintendo Store is an authentic Dodo Airlines jacket that will turn the wearer into a true Dodo Airlines pilot.

Available from sizes XS all the way to 4XL, the Dodo Airlines jacket is 100% polyester with patches on the breasts and sleeves. A large Dodo Airlines logo is emblazoned across the back and there’s a zipper sleeve pouch for storing all your important pilot items, such as a net and fishing rod.

The jacket is machine washable (on your delicates cycle), but cannot be ironed or washed with bleach.

You can grab this DAL jacket from Nintendo’s New York apparel store or order online for $79.99.

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