Billy Mitchell Is Suing YouTuber Karl Jobst Again

Billy Mitchell is suing YouTuber Karl Jobst again, claiming that two of his videos are defamatory. Mitchell again claims $450,000 in damages, with the previous lawsuit still ongoing.

With this new legal action, Mitchell will now have three active defamation claims against Jobst. This time, the main video in question is titled: "Disgraced Gamer Billy Mitchell Accused of Extortion!" Here, Jobst reported on claims made by the current Donkey Kong world record holder, Robbie Lakeman, who had previously supported Mitchell against accusations that he cheated to get his own Donkey Kong record. Lakeman is now going against Mitchell, claiming that he used an emulator to get this record.

The video covers Lakeman's claims that Mitchell was "extorting" a witness in one of his lawsuits with "sensitive information", in exchange for them defending him against allegations of cheating. Lakeman also revealed that he now believes Mitchell played on illegitimate hardware, backing his detractors.

Throughout the video, Jobst also makes it clear that he is on Lakeman's side, and also says that the evidence against Mitchell is "irrefutable". While Jobst isn't the one making the claims, Mitchell is suing him for covering them.

As well as this, Mitchell is suing Jobst for a joke in a video titled: "I Cheated In Speedrunning And Need To Come Clean." Here, Jobst uses a clip from Angry Video Game Nerd, which refers to Mitchell as a cheater.

Jobst reveals that defending himself against these lawsuits has cost $180,000 in the past year alone. He estimates that another $100,000 will be spent before they conclude.

Despite this legal action, Jobst again states that Mitchell "did cheat". Officially, Mitchell is recognized as having records in numerous retro games, with Twin Galaxies and Guinness World Records awarding him for his scores in Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. However, many believe that these were achieved through cheating. As a result, he was temporarily stripped of his records, but his Guinness World Record was reinstated in 2020. Meanwhile, Mitchell is suing Twin Galaxies for removing his records in 2018, and not reinstating them since.

For his part, Mitchell has accused the apparent defamatory actions to have caused him "emotional distress". Most recently, he even claimed that his doctor refused to see him because of the cheating allegations. The lawsuits are ongoing.

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