Biomutant: 11 Best Mounts To Ride

The post-apocalyptic open world of Biomutant is vast, lush, and dangerous. Mountains, savage greenery, and flowing waters mark the passages between your furry hero’s questing across a land violently returned to nature. You will need help to restore the poisoned Tree of Life in the form of animal tribe alliances.

Mounts, both of the bestial and mechanical kind, help spirit you away. They are numerous, some even fly. Unlocking them requires a plan and a knowledge of which NPCs in the game to interact with. The best mounts are reliable in a pinch and cover the ground — or water — you need them to. From four-legged and five-fingered iterations, to a cryptid and a blimp, the mounts in Biomutant abide all styles of play.

11/11 Googlide

The Googlide is a post-apocalyptic jet ski, and you get it after an early quest from Goop, your trusty scuba otter. His jet ski may not look like much, strapped together with duct tape and various junkyard oddities, but it works and will definitely help your hero throughout the game.

Being able to glide with speed along aquatic surfaces stays relevant deep into the endgame, especially for battling some of the sea monsters lurking from the depths.

10/11 Mjut

Look at this guy. A cute, purple-striped beast. Half-deer, third-bear, quarter-giraffe? The Mjut is a mount that comes in several types throughout the game, each with the same capacity for trampling the open field before you.

You can find and tame a Mjut from a quest received from Noko, your friendly neighborhood gnoatgroomer near Bricktown. The Mjut may be a relatively standard steed compared to some of the others within Biomutant, but she’s reliable. And she’s adorable. So that has to count for something.

9/11 Putignoat

The Putignoat is one of many gnoat iterations, all goat-like with a top ramming speed. She’s unlocked during the “Meat Eater” quest early in the game – which features an early showdown with Lupa Lupin, your nemesis. An over-sized molerat with a club, Lupa is known as the “last meat-eater in the world.”

Every Biomutant player should engage this quest for the unveiling of the story anyway. Why not walk away with a red-horned gnoat friend to whisk you off into your next quest?

8/11 Snickels

Snickels is a favorite among Biomutant players for her sleek black design and beaming eyes. Travel to Anktai Tribe outposts in the Ankati Forest to gain access to their shops and you can purchase Snickels there.

Snickels is the goodly counterpart to the more frightening Surfipelago mount. This mount is great for those calming night jaunts over the beautiful desolation of Biomutant’s fallen world. With friends like Snickels, you may just make it through.

7/11 Mubi

Mubi is as elegant as they come as a steed in Biomutant. The crimson speedster is a blast to ride through into the sunset. Purchased from Nektra Fortress in the bottom center of the map, this gorgeous mount is fortunately quite easy to obtain.

Perhaps a cousin of Snickels — a role-player could ride one during day and the other during the night. Biomutant’s core story is about helping to rebuild a world by sticking together – so it’s recommended to befriend as many mounts as you can.

6/11 Batnam-Nam

Batnam-Nam is your bat mount, and she’s encountered after a rather arduous journey. Find Pebble on Knack Hill to begin. Your path to this charming little flyer will eventually have your nimble hero climbing a mini-mountain to reach her nest.

Batnam-Nam can fly and thus gives you a satisfying overwatch upon Biomutant’s immaculate wilderness. For that alone, she is one of the best mounts in Biomutant’s stable. Let her live out her dream of being Batman.

5/11 Mekafingro

The Mekafingro is a giant (relative to your protagonist) metal hand, operated by wind-up mechanical parts. Found in the far west at the Mekastadium, obtaining this “mount” is part of the main storyline so don’t worry about missing it. Through Whiz, you can obtain this golden hand to ride upon.

The Mekafingro is agile as a mount, with more side-to-side quickness than any other. Though it suffers in the category of straight-line speed, the metal index finger can shoot blasts at enemies from a distance and then quickly get moving again. You will have to overlook the creepiness of the Mekafingro to unlock its full potential.

4/11 Mekton

The Mekton is a “Junk Gundam.” This mecha suit piloted by your eyepatch-laden hero lets you live out the dream of creating and customizing your very own post-apocalpytic Metal Gear, a weapon to surpass them all.

Unlocking the Mekton is part of the story and cannot be missed. See Gizmo when you enter the Deadzone and get ready for a major fighting upgrade. Though the Mekton cannot spirit you across great distances like the animal mounts, your Junk Gundam can be modified continuously to your liking.

3/11 Surfipelago

The Surfipelago must be Biomutant’s cryptid, i.e. a rare and perhaps supernatural species a la Bigfoot and Mothman. The creature almost looks normal, like a deer with black fur. Until you get closer and see its eyes glowing — and staring — rather nightmarishly. The Surfipelago is perhaps the Jungian shadow of the Mjut, cousins representing the moon and sun archetypes within the animal kingdom.

She can be located across the river near Bricktown. Though she appears menacing, the mount is anything but, and serves a master well after she’s tamed. Master Biomutant’s resident cryptid, make the Surfipelago join your nakama of mounts traveling across the land, and the world will recognize your achievement.

2/11 Pee-Wee Gargantua

The Biomutant experience asks: what if you could ride a miniature Megalodon? The massive aquatic leviathan is given such a mini version here, hilariously titled the Pee-Wee Gargantua.

Gill’s side quest earns you this shark-like monstrosity. The Gargantua must be freed from a small island, housing the Manufactorium and guarded by Brug, a giant demonic panda. This water mount, far superior to the Googlide, should be on every Biomutant player’s mount wishlist from the jump.

1/11 Gullblimp

The Gullblimp is Biomutant’s junkyard airship, able to be piloted by your hero after completing Lobo’s questline at Blimp Station. Fast and powerful, the blimp is one of Biomutant’s best non-animal mounts. It can deliver you across the map in a short period of time, while giving a majestic aerial view.

The best part about the Gullblimp and Batnam mounts is that the aerial perspective gives you access to new areas of the game world you may not otherwise discover. So load up in Lobo’s blimp and get ready for a brand-new adventure.

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