Bizarre Silhouettes For Unused Legendary Pokemon Discovered In Diamond & Pearl Beta

New secrets have been uncovered in the leaked Pokemon Diamond & Pearl betas, as bizarre silhouettes for unused cover Legendary Pokemon have been discovered hidden in their files.

A number of Nintendo prototypes have leaked online over the past two years, which has included betas of old Pokemon games. The Space World ’97 version of Pokemon Gold & Silver was the first, and it featured a number of unused designs from Gen 2. The next was a beta version of Pokemon Red & Green, featuring a very early iteration of the series. 2020 saw a more contemporary leak, as a beta version of Pokemon Diamon & Pearl with unused designs leaked online. The leaks also revealed that Red was planned to appear as a contest judge in the Sinnoh region.

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A strange discovery has been made in the Pokemon Diamond & Pearl beta leaks. According to @eclipse_tt on Twitter, there are unused title screens within the beta that feature creatures that have never been seen before. There are also title screens that shown an underground area and a snowy area. These appear to be early ideas for the cover Legendary Pokemon of Diamond & Pearl.

One of the creatures appears to be a T-Rex with a spiked tail, which resembles Glavenus from the Monster Hunter franchise. The other creature appears to be a dragon with long horns or whiskers. There are a number of theories as to what these creatures could be. It’s possible that they were very early designs for Palkia and Dialga, as the beta featured several scrapped designs for Gen 4 Pokemon. It’s also possible that they were just mockups or placeholder images, and they were never meant to reflect any existing Pokemon. These designs do feel out of place for the Pokemon franchise, and it’s hard to imagine them as existing Legendary Pokemon.

These discoveries in the Pokemon betas are always fascinating to behold, and they paint a picture as to what we could have received if Game Freak had decided to go in a different direction with their games. There are rumors that Pokemon Diamond & Pearl remakes are coming in 2021, so maybe the spiky T-Rex and the whisker dragon will be reborn as new Legendaries.

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