Blizzard Asks World Of Warcraft Classic Players To Move Servers Amidst Long Queues

World of Warcraft Classic players are suffering from long queue times on its most populated servers and now Blizzard is telling them the only solution is to migrate to a less populous server.

Earlier this week, reports of login queues lasting almost half a day for Classic WoW's most popular servers made headlines. Some reported logging into the client at noon only to eventually make it into the game between 8 or 9 PM. Some even logged-in that morning and stayed there, moving their mouse every so often to keep from being kicked for inactivity.

Blizzard addressed the situation yesterday on the Blizzard forums. "I sincerely and personally apologize for the situation on these mega-realms," wrote WoW Classic producer Aggrend (via PCGamesN). "Please do know that this is the top issue on our minds right now and we are actively working on solutions for the specific realms that are full right now."

Aggrend went on to explain the specific steps Blizzard is taking to address queue times, first being to disable character creation and transfers to mega-realms in the US and EU. Those realms have been "locked indefinitely," with Aggrend adding other realms could also be locked "with little to no warning" if their populations spike too high.

Adding additional layers to overloaded mega-realms is just not possible, they said, and that the only real solution is to take free character transfers to less populated servers.

"I want to express a very sincere and heartfelt thanks to those that took the plunge and moved from one of these huge realms to FCM destinations such as Sulfuras-US and Mograine-EU," Aggrend said. "I’ve seen countless success stories affirming that moving to one of these realms has been a positive experience."

Realms such as Sulfuras and Mograine have "extremely healthy" populations and are "nearly full at certain peak times," making them ideal destinations for players looking to leave overpopulated servers. Blizzard has also just announced a brand-new realm, Eranikus, which players can transfer to freely.

While locking realms is certain to leave some players out in the cold, there seems to be no other option as players gear up for the release of Wrath of the Lich King, which is due out on September 26.

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