Bloodborne: How To Complete Gilbert’s Questline

There are times where Yharnam doesn’t feel like a city worth saving. Yharnam has already fallen to the hunt by the time players arrive at the start of Bloodborne, and NPC dialogue doesn’t exactly paint a pretty picture of what’s in store next – from a complete lack of safety to the sheer hostility thrown at the player. Yharnos condemn their fate and rightfully so. They’re not all bad, though.

In spite of all the cruel NPCs and enemies seeking to kill the player, Hunters can take comfort in knowing Gilbert will be there for them. The first NPC most players will meet in Bloodborne, Gilbert is a surprisingly kind man who’s eager to point you in the right direction. While it’s easy enough to forget Gilbert exists past the start of the game, there’s value in periodically checking up on him. In typical Bloodborne fashion, Gilbert’s questline ends in nothing but utter tragedy.

The Critically Ill Man

Gilbert is the nicest NPC in Bloodborne which naturally means he’s marked for death before players can even meet him. Gilbert is an outsider to Yharnam just like the player, but he doesn’t have the luxury of being a Hunter. Instead, Gilbert represents the innocent victims of the hunt who are forced to barricade themselves inside their homes as the city falls to Hell around them. Tragically for Gilbert, he’s already been infected by the start of the game.

Gilbert speaks with a terrible cough that only worsens over the course of the story. Considering how early he’s met in Bloodborne, this makes Gilbert one of the most sympathetic NPCs in Yharnam. He’s also friendly without being overbearing. When spoken to for the first time, Gilbert will suggest players flee as quickly as they can before offering handy directions on where to go next.

Gilbert will specifically direct players towards the Healing Church at Cathedral Ward, offering extra dialogue after players stumble upon a fully blocked Great Bridge. You can also throw pebbles at Gilbert’s window for unique dialogue (but attacking it outright ends the questline,) and he’ll comment if you somehow die in front of his window.

Cleric Beast Conversation

While it isn’t exactly necessary for completing Gilbert’s questline, a huge part of his side quest is hearing all the hidden dialogue he has to say. To get Gilbert’s next conversation where he directs players towards Yharnam Sewers (and inadvertnly Father Gascoigne,) head to the Great Bridge that should lead to Cathedral Ward.

Instead, players will come face to face with the Cleric Beast – Bloodborne’s intended first boss. The Cleric Beast isn’t difficult by any means, but can be overwhelming for any players coming hot off Dark Souls. Where the average Souls boss demands patience, the Cleric Beast is most easily beaten by keeping on the offensive.

Fight aggressively, look for openings to stagger or parry the Cleric Beast, and make sure to Rally health back when hit. After killing the Cleric Beast, players can return to Gilbert who will suggest taking the aqueduct that leads directly to Oedon Chapel. With Gilbert’s cough only getting worse, players have no choice but to be on their way.

Obtaining The Flamesprayer

Following Gilbert’s advice brings players face to face with Bloodborne’s first mandatory boss fight – Father Gascoigne, the First Hunter. Gascoigne is much harder than the Cleric Beast, fighting Hunters on equal terms before transforming into a beast halfway through the fight. Defeating Gascoigne requires quick reflexes and smart stamina management.

After Father Gascoigne is defeated, players can finally head down into Oedon Chapel. Speak with the Chapel Dweller to gain the ability to send Yharnam survivors over to Cathedral Ward. You can now return to Gilbert to check up on him, but he unfortunately won’t leave his home as his illness is only getting worse.

In exchange for the player’s kindness, however, Gilbert will hand over the Flamesprayer. Gilbert will also reveal that he specifically came to Central Yharnam after being infected, finding some comfort in the “strange blood” that’s now flowing through him and grateful that he at least gets to die as a human being.

Despite the brave face Gilbert puts on for the player, this is all an act. Returning and speaking to Gilbert one more time reveals him to be in intense, miserable pain. The closer Bloodborne gets to the Blood Moon falling, the worse Gilbert’s sickness becomes. The last time he can be spoken with, Gilbert begs for someone to save him.

Putting Gilbert Down

The Blood Moon sets over Yharnam after killing Rom, the Vacuous Spider. Bloodborne’s setting becomes progressively more dangerous, with any NPCs left unattended to seemingly killed. Gilbert’s fate is a particularly sad one. The man doesn’t get to die a man at all, transforming into an Old Yharnam Beast (suggesting he actually hails from Old Yharnam.)

Hunters will have no choice but to kill Gilbert, his sanity completely gone. When slain, Gilbert drops the Clawmark Rune – a Rune which strengthens Visceral Attacks. WIth Gilbert dead, his questline ends as players set off to complete their hunt.

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