Bloodborne remake is not in development reveals insider

Despite much anticipation by fans, there’s still no evidence of a Bloodborne remaster or remake, in fact quite the opposite…

Most video game rumours are usually concerned with what will happen in the future, but this one is concerned only with what is not happening, and sadly that seems to include any plans for a Bloodborne remaster or remake.

First released on PlayStation 4 in 2015, Bloodborne is regarded as one of the best ever PlayStation exclusives and arguably the best game Dark Souls and Elden Ring developer FromSoftware has ever made.

The game did have some technical issues in its original incarnation though and while the loading times have been improved to a degree, simply by virtue of being on the PlayStation 5, there’s never been a purpose made patch to increase the frame rate or resolution.

Many other games have received PlayStation 5 patches and the lack of one for Bloodborne has caused some fans to assume/hope that it’s because a full remaster or remake is on the way.

There’s never been any evidence of that though and now, unfortunately, there’s evidence to the contrary, with trusted Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier telling a fan that there is no such update planned.

‘Can’t leak what doesn’t exist,’ Schreier told a fan, who was asking him to leak information on whatever Sony is planning for the game.

Neither Sony or From have mentioned Bloodborne since the release of the DLC in late 2015 and while some have theorised that the two have had a falling out, perhaps over the remake of Demon’s Souls, there’s no evidence either way.

Until Schrier’s comment there was no information at all and now most fans will probably wish there wasn’t even that…

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