Borderlands 3 release date COUNTDOWN: Unlock time, reviews, PS4 Xbox One preload

Borderlands 3 release date is drawing near, with the unlock time on PS4, Xbox One and PCs fast approaching.

Borderlands 3 is the latest entry in the hugely popular Gearbox Software and 2K Games series.

Fans have faced a long wait for the third game, with it being seven years since Borderlands 2 dropped and five years since The Pre-Sequel was released.

Gearbox has spent plenty of time crafting Borderlands 3, with the game reportedly being in development from as early as 2015.

And for fans that have been waiting years for Borderlands 3 the wait is almost over, with the release date fast approaching.

Borderlands 3 has a release date of Friday September 13 on PS4, Xbox One and PCs.

Fans that have pre-ordered the game digitally can preload Borderlands 3 right now.

And ahead of the Borderlands 3 launch Gearbox Software has revealed the unlock time for when the Pandora shooter will be available to play.

In a post online Gearbox revealed the Borderlands 3 unlock times, which for most regions will be midnight local time on console platforms.

Here are the Borderlands 3 unlock times for PS4, Xbox One and PCs…

Borderlands 3 start times – PS4 and Xbox One

• London – September 13 12am BST

• Rome – September 13 12am CEST

• Sao Paulo – September 13 12am BRT

• Moscow – September 13 12am MSK

• Singapore – September 13 12am SGT

• Tokyo – September 13 12am JST

• Sydney – September 13 12am AEST

• Wellington – September 13 12am NZST

• New York – September 13 12am EDT

• San Francisco – September 12 9pm PDT

Borderlands 3 start times – PC

• San Francisco – September 12 4pm PDT

• New York – September 12 7pm EDT

• Sao Paulo – September 12 8pm BRT

• London – September 13 12am BST

• Rome – September 13 1am CEST

• Moscow – September 13 2am MSK

• Singapore – September 13 7am SGT

• Tokyo – September 13 8am JST

• Sydney – September 13 9am AEST

• Wellington – September 13 11am NZST

Ahead of the Borderlands 3 release date a number of publications have given their verdict on Gearbox’s next title.

At the time of writing Borderlands 3 has a Metacritic rating on PC of 85 per cent based on 22 reviews.

Here is a number of the Borderlands 3 reviews so far and what critics think…

IGN – 90: Borderlands 3 sticks to its guns and outdoes itself with an amazing arsenal of weapons, humor, and missions.

Game Informer – 80: Borderlands 3 is a love letter to its fans and a celebration of the style of play it first popularized. Filled with characters from previous installments, and unapologetic in its silly humor and bombastic action, it’s an amusing ride that seems hesitant to innovate. If more of what you loved before is your chief desire, Gearbox has granted that wish through a game of impressive scope that charts some very safe territory.

Polygon: The franchise used to feel adventurous. Now, without any fresh ideas or concepts, it’s little more than a holdover from a different time. Borderlands 3 feels safe, oddly careful (especially for a game about anarchy), and, worst of all, corporate.

GameSpot – 80: Borderlands 3 has a few stumbling blocks when it comes to bosses, but these fights are overshadowed by the game’s rewarding gunplay and over-the-top humor. The game’s character-driven narrative acts as a satisfying finale for the loot-shooter franchise, and the new mechanics and features–especially the reworked skill trees and weapon manufacturer effects–give you plenty of agency in how you want to play through it. If you’ve never been a fan of the franchise, it’s unlikely Borderlands 3 does enough things differently to change your mind, as the game best excels at continuing what the series has always done: deliver a humorous tall tale of misfits looting and shooting their way to heroism.

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