Borderlands 3 Seasonal Event ‘Bloody Harvest’ Now Available

It’s October, and if you’re a Borderlands fan you know that means the arrival of the annual Bloody Harvest event. This year’s event will run until November 5, giving you plenty of time to complete all the exclusive challenges and earn some spooky new loot.

To join in on the fun you’ll need to speak with your shipmate, Maurice, who is studying “human customs” and needs your help collecting Hecktoplasm. This new item can be looted from the ghosts that appear after killing haunted enemies – enemies that have a conspicuous green glow surrounding them. Gather some Hecktoplasm, bring it to Maurice, and he’ll create a portal to Heck – home of the terrifying Captain Haunt.

Once in Hell – erm, Heck – you’ll have over a dozen different challenges to complete. Completing these tasks will reward you with exclusive loot that has a chance to come equipped with Terror effects – turning debuffs into boons – and will scale to your current level. Here’s what you can earn for completing challenges:

  • 4 Challenges Completed: ‘A Shrinking Feeling’ weapon trinket
  • 8 Challenges Completed: ‘Message from Beyond’ ECHO Device skin
  • 12 Challenges Completed: ‘Haunted Look’ shared Vault Hunter skin
  • 15 Challenges Completed: ‘Porphyrophobia’ weapon skin

The special event is free for all players who own the base game. There’s also extra challenges “within campaign add-on locations The Handsome Jackpot, Xylourgos, Gehenna, and Krieg’s Mind.” Like all of Borderlands 3’s special events, you’ll be able to opt out if you’d rather not take part in the spooky festivities.

As far as in-game events go, Bloody Harvest seems like a compelling reason to jump back into Borderlands 3. Exclusive loot, exclusive locations, and extra challenges spread throughout your DLC content means there’s a lot to discover before November 5. At launch, our review found Borderlands 3 to be a perfect sequel for fans of the series, although it doesn’t do much to win over those who aren’t already hooked on the shoot-loot-repeat gameplay cycle.

Bloody Harvest is now available for free in Borderlands 3 and will run until November 5.

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