Borderlands 3’s Floating Cube Puzzle Guide

There are more than a few strange sights in Borderlands 3 that you’ll come across as you loot and shoot your way through its various environments. In fact, the game is so ridiculous at points that by the time you see the giant floating cube puzzle, you might not think twice about it, assuming you find it at all. If you’re hungry for more loot in Borderlands 3 – and let’s be honest, when are you not – then you’ll want to seek out this extra puzzle and suck up all the valuables inside.

Borderlands 3 Cube Puzzle Location

First off, in order to even encounter the cube puzzle, you will need to have access to the Desolation’s Edge zone. Work your way through the map to the center of the area that opens up into a massive expanse. The cube itself is very hard to miss, but located slightly to the Northeast if you enter this part of the map from where you first land in the zone.

Once you spot the cube, catch a ride over. Despite its massive size and prominence, it won’t give you any other indication that it is a puzzle to be solved.

How To Solve The Cube Puzzle

If you guessed the solution to this puzzle involved shooting, you’re probably a Borderlands 3 veteran by now. Still, Gearbox didn’t make it quite that easy. What you need to do is shoot each side with a specific element. To take care of the cube’s six sides, you will need a cryo, shock, corrosive, radiation, incendiary, and normal gun on hand. If you don’t have all of those types handy, and don’t mind sharing the loot, bring a friend along.

There is no indication on the cube that reveals which element needs to hit which side, so you’ll just have to experiment until you hit it with the correct one and it lights up. Once all the sides light up, the cube will stop spinning and pour loot down to the ground.

Cube Puzzle Loot

There’s no set loot that the cube will drop, but it will drop a ton of it of various high tiers. Like all loot, it will scale to you, so it will always be worth your time to spring this fountain of loot. Just know that you can only solve this puzzle with your character once, so you can’t farm it.

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