Borderlands 3's Latest Hotfix Is Tinier Than Tina, Bigger Update Coming Next Week

Gearbox has issued a new Borderlands 3 hotfix, but unlike most of the weekly updates this one is particularly light. In fact, it only addresses a single issue, but the team notes that it’s working hard on a bigger patch to come next week.

As detailed in the announcement, this week’s hotfix only addresses one bug: reports that the “Talk” prompt would sometimes fail to appear if you were in multiplayer during the Pandora’s Next Top Mouthpiece mission. That bug risked blocking progression for players, but it should be resolved as of May 28 at 12 PM PT.

The update suggests that fixes next week should be more substantial since the reason this week update is so light is that “testing resources are currently being directed at the upcoming patch on June 4.” That date will also mark the end of Revenge of the Cartels, which will be replaced by the next mini-event, Takedown of the Guardian Breach.

Meanwhile, Gearbox is preparing for its next big Borderlands 3 DLC to drop in June. The western-themed Bounty of Blood: A Fistful of Redemption is coming on June 25, and will be included as part of the season pass. It will introduce an entirely new story with fresh characters, and a Jet Beast mount.

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  • Borderlands 3's Latest Hotfix Is Tiny, Bigger Update Coming Next Week
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