Brad Venable Was The Voice Of Venom In Venom (2018), But Was Uncredited

Brad Venable, who lent his voice to countless video games, was also the voice of Venom in the 2018 movie starring Tom Hardy.

There’s a very real chance you won’t recognize either the name or the face of Brad Venable. You might not even recognize his voice, even though it’s almost certain that you will have heard it numerous times over the years. Venable was an actor who lent his voice to characters in more video games than you can shake a stick at.

If you have played Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Demon’s Souls, Attack on Titan, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and so many more, then you will have heard Venable’s voice. His range was so vast that he was called upon by numerous developers to be a part of their games. Sadly, Venable passed away last week at the age of just 43.

Since his passing, it has been highlighted that what might have been Venable’s biggest role of all is one he doesn’t even seem to have been credited for. The voice of Venom in the 2018 movie of the same name. Most who have seen the film assume that Venom’s voice is just Tom Hardy’s after it has been through some sort of filter.

That is true to an extent, but it turns out Venable helped on the project. He revealed as much during an interview with Inside the Voice Actors Booth, which you can check out above. Venable reveals that he voiced many of the noises Venom makes when he’s hurt or uncomfortable. He cites the scene featuring Hardy inside of an MRI machine where it’s discovered the process causes the symbiote a tremendous amount of pain.

Even though Hardy provided much of Venom’s actual dialogue, the most exciting reveal of all for Venable and his fans is that the late actor is responsible for the most iconic line of the movie. When the anti-hero says “we are Venom”, the line used at the end of the trailer, that’s actually Venable’s voice you can hear, not Hardy’s. Just one of many places you can continue to hear his voice for years to come.

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