Breath of the Wild: How To Get The Thunder Helm

Unlike earlier Zelda games, Link has access to quite a lot of armor in Breath of the Wild. Beyond his famous green tunic being replaced with the Champion’s Tunic, Link’s armor changes his appearance, raises his defense, and offers unique gameplay buffs in some cases. Along with the gear he can buy across Hyrule, Link can obtain mementos of his fellow Champions. While most of these tend to be weapons, Mipha leaves Link behind the Zora Armor and players can eventually claim Urbosa’s former Thunder Helm for themselves – if they know how, that is.

After retrieving the Thunder Helm from the Yiga Clan and completing Vah Naboris in the Gerudo Desert, Riju will task Link with helping out the people of Gerudo Town. Should players take the time to do every quest in Gerudo Town, they’ll be rewarded with the Thunder Helm: one of Breath of the Wild’s better pieces of gear. When equipped, the Thunder Helm increases Link’s resistance towards electricity. Considering how lethal lightning strikes can be in Breath of the Wild, it pays to hunt down the Thunder Helm.

Medicinal Molduga

All four quests needed to get the Thunder Helm can be found and finished in Gerudo Town, but they do require Link to explore elsewhere in some cases. Medicinal Molduga can be found by speaking to Malena in the Gerudo Barracks. Maleena’s husband is suffering from an illness that only Molduga Guts can cure, but her fellow Gerudo refuses to offer any assistance.

After being spoken to, Link can give Maleena the Molduga Guts she needs so long as he has any. Molduga can be found in the Gerudo Region, specifically around Arbiter’s Grounds, Southern Oasis, North Dragon’s Exile, and Toruma Dunes. Once Link kills a Molduga and picks up its Guts, Maleena will reward the player with 300 Rupees and clear the quest.

The Mystery Polluter

A Gerudo girl named Dalia can be found sobbing by the town’s bar, The Noble Canteen. Speaking to Dalia reveals that she wants to plant an orchard, but can’t due to extreme Hydromelon rind pollution. Link will need to follow the rinds upriver to find their source and help Dalia out.

At the end of the waterway, plates will find a Gerudo woman named Calyban munching on Hydromelons. She’ll brush off LInk initially, demanding 10 Wildberries before she gets up and moves. Wildberries can be found in abundance in either the Hebra Mountain or Gerudo Highlands. After giving Calyban the Wildberries, she’ll get up and help Dalia clear the water. Once Link returns to Dalia, she’ll give him a Hydromelon and plant a permanent Wildberry patch in Gerudo Town.

The Search For Barta

Once Link has settled into Gerudo Town and spoken to Riju at least once, he can take on The Search for Barta from Liana in the Gerudo Barracks. Liana can be found training with her fellow Gerudo Soldiers, letting Link know that Barta has gone missing if he talks to her. Speaking to the nearby Gerudo guards helps in revealing Barta’s approximate location: the Gerudo Great Skeleton.

Players will spot Barta kneeling on the ground. When spoken to, she’ll tell Link that she wants to taste a Hearty Durian one more time before she presumably dies out in the desert. Heart Durians can be found all around West Necluda and the Faron Grasslands. Give Barta a Healthy Durian if/when you have one and she’ll regain the will to return to Gerudo Town. Speak to Liana to complete the quest and get 100 Rupees for the trouble.

Tools Of The Trade

The Starlight Memories Jewelry Shop in Gerudo Town sells some of the best equipment in the game, including Link’s best headpiece in terms of overall defense – the Amber Earrings. Unfortunately, Isha the shop owner lacks the resources to actually craft any new accessories. Link needs to speak to Isha outside her store where she’ll ask for 10 Flint.

Flint can be found all over Hyrule, but most commonly on Death Mountain thanks to all its ore deposits. After giving Isha 10 pieces of Flint, speak to her inside the Starlight Memories where she’ll offer to make Link one of three different accessories: the Topaz Earrings, Sapphire Circlet, or Ruby Circlet. All three are useful headpieces to have in Gerudo Desert – resistance Electricity, Heat, and Cold respectively. Pick your favorite to wrap up Tools of the Trade.

The Thunder Helm

After completing all four side quests in Gerudo Town, Link can return to Riju and claim the Thunder Helm from her. She’ll let him know that she’s heard of all the good he’s done around Gerudo Town, finally allowing players to take the Thunder Helm for themselves. When equipped, the Thunder Helm negates any and all damage from lightning strikes.

The Thunder Helm also allows Link to walk through Gerudo Town without being kicked out. Unfortunately, the Thunder Helm cannot be upgraded at any Great Fairy Fountains – capped at a defense stat of just 3. Considering how useful it is during thunderstorms, though, an upgradeable Thunder Helm might be too overpowered.

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