Breath Of The Wild Speedrunner Beats Game 50 Times In 24 Hours

As Tears of the Kingdom's launch approaches, odds are many of you reading this have been plunging as many additional hours as you can into Breath of the Wild. What's incredibly unlikely is any of you using 24 of those hours to beat the game not once, not twice, but a staggering 50 times in less than one calendar day.

Someone has decided to spend 24 of their most recent Breath of the Wild hours doing that, and that someone is Player 5. Unsurprisingly someone with impressive previous in this arena having already performed a 25-minute speedrun of the Zelda game. Not satisfied with simply beating the game quickly, Player 5 wanted to see how many times they could beat it quickly over and over again.

As highlighted by GamesRadar, turns out they can complete Breath of the Wild so quickly that they finished the game 50 times in less than 24 hours. Streaming the entire thing and not even taking a break to sleep, Player 5 averaged 25 minutes and 23 seconds per run, completing one of the 50 in just 24 minutes and 16 seconds. The first time I played Breath of the Wild it took me that long to figure out where I was supposed to go first.

You'd think Player 5 would react one of two ways after gaming for 24 hours straight while also achieving the gargantuan task they set out to do with time to spare. Either celebrate wildly or fall down flat out of sheer exhaustion. The streamer did neither. They thanked viewers for tuning in and keeping them awake and then calmly removed their headset. More like someone finishing an eight-hour shift at a call center than a streamer who had just finished 50 Breath of the Wild runs.

Every time someone pulls off something new in the speedrunning community, it's hard to imagine how it will be bettered, but somehow it always is. Player 5's achievement comes two months after a fellow speedrunner beat Breath of the Wild blindfolded in under an hour.

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