Brie Larson Endorses AbleGamers Charity

Captain Marvel actor Brie Larson has voiced her support for disabled gamers charity, AbleGamers. In a video shared to her Twitter account, Larson encouraged fans to donate to the charity saying, “using the power of video games to bring people together and provide people with disabilities custom gaming setups so that they can enjoy video games too is just absolutely incredible”.

Larson is no stranger to the gaming community. A vocal gamer herself, she’s known for being a fan of Animal Crossing and Fortnite—she even recently got her own Fortnite Locker bundle.

AbleGamers has been working for over a decade to ensure anyone can game, regardless of their disabilities. Creating a unique and accessible setup can often prove expensive, so AbleGamers aims to break down this economic barrier to inclusive gaming

Larson’s support comes as games media figure, Alanah Pearce, is spearheading a funding drive for the charity. At the time of writing, Pearce has raised $14,523 USD, and hopes to hit a goal of $50,000.

This fundraiser is just one of many ongoing in support of AbleGamers, with multiple currently collecting as part of the “Spawn Together” event. Should every fundraiser in the event reach its goal, it would send $1 million to the cause of ensuring everyone can game.

The Spawn Together initiative marks AbleGamers COO Steven Spohn’s 40th birthday, and is in aide of helping him fulfil is dream of raising a total of $1 million for gamers with disabilities in his lifetime. All the participants are making good progress, currently sitting at $719,209. With the event only staring in March, it appears to be on track for its September 15 goal.

AbleGamers has received celebrity backing in the past. Last year, fellow comic book flick star Ryan Reynolds promoted the charity, sharing the mission of AbleGamers to his own Twitter followers, and encouraging them to donate to the cause.

Anyone who wishes to chip in to the cause can make a donation to the Spawn Together fundraiser on Tiltify.

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