Bring Pokémon To The Bedroom With Official Branded Lingerie

Have you ever crawled out of the darkest corner of E621 and wanted to strut around in unmentionables that are decorated in the most famous Pokémon? Boy, does Japan have a product for you, as officially licensed Pokémon lingerie and nightwear are on the way.

Pokémon is the most profitable media franchise of all time. As such, the faces of Pikachu and all of the other Pokémon have been emblazoned on every product known to man, ranging from clothing to perfume. Pokémon nightwear and underwear are not a new thing and it has been made for people of all ages.

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The Pokémon Girls line includes bra & panties sets and thermal pajamas that bear the face of different Pokémon. There is currently no word on a Pokémon Boys line, but they should release boxer shorts with images of a Diglett standing next to two Voltorb on them.

Pokémon is probably one of the last things people think of when they’re getting ready to get down to business, unless they’re furries, or have a partner who is cool with dressing as either Officer Jenny or Nurse Joy, or is one of the people who did that art challenge from a few years back where women painted their bras to look like Poké Balls. Oh, who are we kidding?

If you’re somebody who wants sexy Pokémon clothing, then check out the Peach Jones website (which you can’t if you live in Europe, so get a VPN.)

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