Bruce Campbell Hints At Doctor Strange Cameo – But It Might Be An April Fools Joke

Bruce Campbell is making a cameo in the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – maybe. The actor rounded off April Fools' Day with a tease that he's set to appear in the film, directed by long-time collaborator, Sam Raimi, deliberately leaving fans guessing as to whether or not this is actually true.

The picture sees Campbell in the makeup chair, presumably on a film set. His hair and beard unmistakably resemble Doctor Strange's, leading some to believe that the actor will at least have a cameo as an alternate universe version of our protagonist. Others believe that the image has been photoshopped to throw us off the scent, leaving his expected cameo a mystery.

"I always feel a little strange when I work on a Sam Raimi movie", writes Campbell, baiting fans into guessing what role he could play in the film.

Campbell taking up the role of an alternate Stephen Strange admittedly feels a bit too obvious – given the text in the tweet, and all the clues in the image. Considering his appearances in the original Spider-Man trilogy, it's no stretch to say that we'll see him in the Multiverse of Madness – just not the role he's leading us to believe.

In the Spider-Man trilogy, he had a different cameo in each film. It had long been rumoured that all of these cameos were actually the same character, leading up to a reveal in Spider-Man 4 that he was Mysterio all along. Campbell has shot this theory down, however, stating that Raimi never told him he was going to get the role in the next film when it was still on the cards.

Even if Campbell isn't in the film at all, there's no shortage of hype. Patrick Stewart's voice could be heard in the most recent trailer, leading many to believe that Professor X from X-Men will make an appearance – finally bringing the series into the MCU.

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