Bugatti Is Collaborating With Black Desert, Because Why Not

Because both start with the letter “B,” Black Desert and Bugatti have decided to collaborate on a bizarre, in-game event for all BDO players. Until the first week of July, you’ll find exclusive Bugatti quests that reward you with rare items, including appropriated themed speed boosts for mounts. You’ll also have a chance to purchase Bugatti-themed items from the Black Desert shop.

Black Desert has held some strange events over the years, but this one takes the cake. The collaboration is also available on Black Desert Mobile, which apparently has a “heavy story emphasis” – although we’re a bit unsure how supercars fit into the low-tech world of Black Desert.

“The heart of the Black Desert franchise and Bugatti cars are the same – passion and obsession for technological quality,” said Jeonghee Jin, CEO of Pearl Abyss America. “It’s each companies’ proprietary engine that makes Black Desert and Bugatti special. The collaboration works seamlessly because both brands are aiming for the same goal; the best customer experience on the planet.”

The new Bugatti Chiron Outfit Set looks a bit like the Bud Light Knight, although it bears the stylish Bugatti logo instead of the tacky Bud Light one. Here’s what you’ll find in the Black Desert shop as part of the collaboration:

  • Bugatti Chiron Outfit Set
  • Bugatti Chiron Horse Gear Set
  • Bugatti Earrings for men
  • Dancing Elephant Earrings for women

The Bugatti-BDO event will end the first week of July.

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