Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies – How To Get The RAI K-84 In Firebase Z

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has a brand new endeavor with Firebase Z and, as is the norm, with a new map comes a new wonder weapon. This time, it’s the RAI K-84 or, as fans call it, the Ray-K.

There’s a slight difference in how wonder weapons work when it comes to Cold War. Yes, they can be acquired through the box, but, a new precedent has been set. They are also craftable. Prior games have had craftable wonder weapons, but Treyarch opted to merge both approaches into one, so players can play the gamble and try to get the new weapon in the box or take the guaranteed route.

So, you can run the box and play the RNG game hoping to get it, but if you want it before round 20, then you can craft it instead. It’s not too difficult, but the earliest you can get it through the easter egg method is at round 18, so if you’d rather get it earlier on, then try your luck with the mystery box.

Starting off, you’ll have to activate the Aether Reactor located down the middle path after exiting the teleporter to Omega Facility. Facing forward, there’s a gate directly ahead – open this, head down the path, look for the spiralling stairs, head up them, open the door, and you’ll be in the data center.

Power is activated by spending 500 essence on the Aether Reactors. You’ll be given some points to defend – the number varies depending on how many players are in your party – but you also have to kill zombies in their vicinity to charge them. Once the bar fills, the local power will be on. It’s best to do all three right off the bat, but you can do it as you go if you wish.

With the power on, you can now exit the doors that have just opened at the bottom of the inner stairs of the data center – not the ones you used to get in from the outside. From here, take a right, and open the door that costs essence. On the wall will be the RAI K-84 blueprint shining gold ready for you to pick up. This is how you start the process, so you have to grab this first.

With the blueprint in hand, get ready to do something a touch more gruesome. Head to the next Aether Reactor which is accessed by taking a left after exiting the teleporter that brought you from the village to the facility. Here, do the same thing and turn on the power. From there, go past the now open doors into the trenches where, on the right path, you’ll find a charred ‘corpse’ which you can cut the eye out of by interacting with it. You’ll need this for the next step’s retina scan.

Keep your eye on the prize and head to the computer in the weapon lab. The weapon lab is where you picked up the blueprint in the first step. It’s also where you will craft the RAI K-84 itself, so it’s best to memorize this location and name. Here, you’ll find a computer on a desk which asks you to prove who you are. Do so by activating the retinal scanner. This will open a drawer right below the PC which contains the locker key. Grab it and head onto the next step.

Back at the middle path, you’ll find a pair of barracks which are located to the right and left as soon as you pass through the gate. In here, the lockers located between the bunkbeds will be openable with the key you just picked up, and one of these lockers at random will trigger a Mimic spawn. Kill this Margwa-looking horror and it will drop the Barrel Assembly. They take damage from all hits, body or otherwise, but if you aim for the glowing blue energy in its mouth, it’ll die a lot quicker. It may also drop some intel, so be sure to keep an eye out for that as well.

Now, circle right back to the weapon lab where, when activating the PC again, you get to play with some sonar tech. It mimics a dartboard so you’ll likely want to reference the dartboard pictured below for this one if you don’t know them like the back of your hand.

The circle will be filled with increments the size of slices on a dartboard. As it moves from slice to slice, it will stop at random intervals – numbers on the board – before turning around and moving the other way until it stops again. It does this three times. Each time it stops, take note of what number this would be on a dartboard, and it will form a three-part code. It’s random every time.

Before you head back to spawn, make sure that the third and final Aether Reactor has been activated so that the town’s power is also online. Once this is done, go to spawn and, in the room where Wunderfizz is located, there’s a dartboard on the wall opposite the doorway. The Wunderfizz, for reference, is to the left of Pack-a-Punch and Ravenov. At this dartboard, you’ll have to shoot the numbers of the sequence you just witnessed in the same order. It’s more consistent if you shoot the numbers themselves rather than the slices. After you’ve done this, shoot the bullseye, and an item will pop out – an Aetherium Converter.

By this point, you shouldn’t have long to go, and you should probably have a Pack-a-Punched weapon and some perks so that the Manglers don’t take you down too easily. They spawn around round 15, so wait until then and when the Manglers start cropping up, kill them. The Mangler will drop another item, the Uncharged Power Cell. It should come from the first Mangler that spawned, but if you’re unlucky, it could be another one in that same round – be patient, as sometime’s it’s the last instead.

Once you have the Uncharged Power Cell, head back to the weapon lab where you can place it on a table. Here, you’ll have to leave it for two rounds, so get ready to train and pass the time before clocking back in. If you try to take it before it’s ready, you’ll get a voice-line before the prompt is taken away entirely until it is ready.

After the two rounds have passed, run back over to the weapon lab where it should now be glowing gold with a new name – Charged Power Cell. This is the final part of the RAI K-84, and it’s best to leave this step until last since you can do everything before round 15 which makes it a lot easier as you won’t have Manglers on your tail or higher-health sponge zombies clawing at you. It also means you can have an earlier Pack-a-Punched weapon, some neat perks, and all of the power online. Barring the actual crafting and the acquisition of the blueprint, all the steps can be done in whatever order you choose, but it’s easiest to do them in this order as to avoid backtracking too much.

Once you’ve got all the parts, which you should have by this point, simply move to the location in the weapon lab where you first picked up the blueprint at the very beginning. Here, you’ll have a bench that prompts you to craft the RAI K-84 Prototype. Then, it’ll drop on the table as a pick-up, so you can nab it and get blasting with your own assault rifle Ray Gun. Pressing up on the d-pad will swap to a grenade launcher attachment that fires a pulse of energy that will slow all in its vicinity, while you can upgrade it to transform it into the Discordian Disruptor. The barrel attachment, on the other hand, will become the Discordian Harmonizer.

If you don’t want to throw points at the mystery box and don’t want to spend nearly 20 rounds gathering up the parts to make it, then there’s always the third and final option – trials. Like with Die Maschine, you can activate trials and accumulate score, upgrading your reward from uncommon to rare to epic to, eventually, legendary.

The trials are located to the right of the teleporter as you exit. As soon as you enter the facility, turn right and walk straight forward and they are there, right beside the portal. Once you have completed a trial, don’t pick up your reward. Rather, start another, and another, and another until you eventually upgrade your reward to legendary. Then, you’ll have a chance to get the RAI K-84 much like how the D.I.E. was a chance spawn in Die Maschine’s trials. However, this is still RNG – it just costs less.

Whatever method you choose to get the RAI K-84, it’s advised that you at least have one in hand per player by round 30, as the defense mission is shaken up a touch by the gigantic boss fight seen in the trailer that sports its own health bar.  This can be tough but, with the Ring of Fire and Ray-K in hand, you can take it down with no sweat. That being said, only one player can get it through crafting, so good luck to those strapped to the whims of RNG.

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