Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies trailer reveals cross-play & cross-gen

Treyarch has offered a detailed look at the Zombies mode in this year’s new Call Of Duty and it’s more nostalgic than you might expect.

Zombies mode from Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has had its full reveal, with a new story and characters but plenty of nods to the old games.

Last year’s Modern Warfare reboot took itself too seriously to have a Zombies mode but while Cold War is also intended to have a relatively realistic story it will have the traditional undead co-op mode as well.

As with the multiplayer, Zombies supports cross-play and cross-gen play, for any combination of players. That means Xbox One players can fight together with PlayStation 5 owners, and PlayStation 4 with Xbox Series X.

Like the main campaign, this Zombies mode will be set in the early ‘80s, although much of the backstory will stretch back to the Second World War, to allow for references to the very first Zombies mode from 2008’s World At War.

The new mode will have you playing as part of an ‘international response team’ lead by Grigori Weaver from the original Black Ops story, who comes into contact with a Soviet team also trying to stop the spread of the undead.

Unlike previous games you’ll be able to progress through the Battle Pass by playing Zombies, just like the main multiplayer and Warzone. You’ll also have the ability to start a match with Gunsmith-crafted weapons, using the multiplayer loadout option.

The new mode will feature many familiar features from the series, including the Pack-a-Punch machine to customise your weapons, with each one and its attachments now having a rarity rating so you can keep it useful for longer.

There are also field upgrades that can act as buffs or healing items once charged up by killing zombies, and a range of collectable equipment including frag grenades, sentry turrets, and chopper gunners.

Classic Zombies perks such as Juggernog and Speed Cola will also be back, with no limit on how many different ones you can use, and there’s a new option to escape the mode if things are going pear-shaped – rather than just dying a needless death.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will be released on 13 November for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC. Although the PlayStation 5 console itself isn’t out until the 19th in Europe.

Before that there’s also a beta starting on 17 October, but with a typically complex timetable based on whether you’ve pre-ordered and what formats you own.

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