Call Of Duty Streamer Gets Gulag Kill While Playing The Recorder

Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most popular battle royale games that are out there. Despite all of its many flaws, tens of thousands of players jump into Verdansk every day to try their hand at being crowned the last alive. Of course, in Warzone, if you die you are given a second chance to enter the fray—if you can win a one-on-one match in the gulag. In perhaps one of the most absurd ways to win, a streamer won their gulag match while playing a recorder—yes the instrument.

At the tail end of 2020, YouTuber Pewdiepie decided that he wanted to play the recorder, which he often did before he took a break. Of course, being the biggest single YouTuber on the planet, anything that Pewdiepie does becomes a trend.

Enter “Soar Deano.” The streamer, apparently, has been playing Warzone using the recorder—not just switching between the two. Somehow, the streamer has programmed his computer to control the game through the different pitches of the recorder. One note to aim, another to move, another to shoot.

This kill in the gulag was only the most recent feat that the streamer accomplished while using a recorder as a controller. Back in December, he posted a video to Twitter showing himself getting a kill on Nuketown using a sniper rifle and a recorder. Astonishingly, even that was not the most impressive feat.

Would you believe that he pulled off a 360 no-scope using a musical instrument as a controller? That’s a rhetorical question. You don’t need to believe it, because he posted a video of it.

This feat was also accomplished on Nuketown. It appears that audio input isn’t the only way that he can control his operator in Call of Duty, as Deano seems to be using a traditional (and all of a sudden boring) keyboard as well.

Using musical instruments to play games is not altogether new, but playing a multiplayer FPS using a recorder is probably unique. Learning to even move using that kind of input must take untold amounts of time to master, forget pulling off a 360 no-scope. One has to wonder where gaming goes from here. Tambourine controllers perhaps?

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