Call Of Duty: Warzone Isn’t Done With Its Freight Train, Could Be Coming To Different Modes

Warzone’s military freight train that chugs around Verdansk might be coming to other Call of Duty game modes.

Warzone’s Soviet armored train was added in Season 5 and quickly became a favorite destination. Players can climb aboard to live out their wild western train hijack fantasies, or they could just raid the train for high-tier loot.

One thing that you cannot do is stop the train, as #TeamMountainGoat discovered after multiple attempts at a train derailment.

But besides being a great place for loot and memes, Infinity Ward says that the train might be useful for even more fun in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

“We have lots of ideas around [the train],” said multiplayer director Joe Cecot in an interview with Red Bull. “We wanted to get it in there in Season Five and have it be a fun thing to interact with, where you have a lot of movie moments of vehicles chasing trains, people fighting over the train, [that sort of thing]. We actually have a problem, where sometimes in our core playtesting players are not engaging with what we’re trying to test and they’re just playing on the train.”

Cecot added that Infinity Ward has “a bunch of ideas” about how to expand the train beyond Warzone, including adding it into different game modes. “We don’t have any specifics right now,” Cecot continued, and noted that they would at least look at changing the starting location of the train in Warzone in a future update.

Associate creative director Amos Hodge confirmed that the team is working on “lots of ideas,” with the focus on adding more interactive elements to the Warzone map.

“Everyone has so many ideas on how to make the train better, so many mechanics and game modes. We’re definitely talking about all that stuff, reading Reddit and seeing suggestions and everyone’s just excited about it. Not only the train but we’ve been excited to get more interactive elements in the map like that, to make the map feel more alive.”

That said, the train remains a favorite addition even within the team at Infinity Ward. “The train was actually really fun to put in, and it’s really fun to play with, and we’re working on lots of ideas to update the train in general.”

Our recommendation? Add another train going in the opposite direction and an interactive element so that the tracks can be swapped to either prevent or cause a derailment.

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