Call Of Duty: Warzone Mac-10 Nerfed

Call of Duty: Warzone has more than its share of bugs and glitches. One of the most recent targets of player ire has been the “Gallantry” blueprint for the Mac-10. Luckily, that weapon was nerfed with a recent patch.

Weapon balancing is a difficult thing to accomplish, but necessary if you’re going to have a chance to enjoy your gaming experience. For weeks, the DMR dominated the fictional city of Verdansk with its high fire-rate, low recoil, and high damage stats. Eventually, Activision and Raven software answered pleas to nerf the marksman rifle, but there was one gun that escaped the rebalancing attempt.

The “Gallantry” blueprint, which can only be obtained through a microtransaction, offered significantly buffed stats over its base version. The fact that it could only be obtained through a transaction led some to believe that it was potentially a pay-to-win scheme. However, it was possible that the buffed stats were simply an oversight on the part of the team that oversees game balance. In a long tweet, Raven Software outlined all of the changes that came to the game on Wednesday.

The DMR, Type 63, and Burst Pistol were all nerfed. In addition, the developer had this to say about the Gallantry blueprint, “All stats updated to match base Mac-10.” The hotfixes didn’t stop there, though. Raven Software also adjusted that way that some of the attachments for the nerfed weapons work, ensuring that you’ll have a harder time using your weapon like a laser beam rather than a projectile weapon that really just directs small explosions.

The developers also released a hotfix that will fix the fourth iteration of the infinite stim glitch. Unfortunately for Raven Software, some players are still complaining that the nerfs don’t go far enough, and want the DMR, specifically, to be nerfed even further. Whatever Raven Software actually ends up doing, it looks like things are moving in the right direction.

It remains to be seen the infinite stim glitch has really, finally, actually been patched, or if it’s something that will haunt Warzone forever. For now, at least, the issue has been put to rest, as well as some of the other major complaints.

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